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Thursday, October 21, 2004

ah, how sweet it is. :)

dropping off Little Small this morning (he wearing his Schilling shirt, natch), it was fantastic to see most all the kids (and many parents) wearing some sort of Red Sox something, and the kids chanting 'Let's go, Red Sox!' at the top of their not-insignificant lungs. yeah! teach 'em the chant early! ;)

i'm a little surprised at how emotional all this has me. but goddamn it, it's about time my boys won - big! :) it's a good day to be part of the Nation.

interesting side effect of all these late nights: i was going to pick up coffee on the way to work, and decided to bypass the usual drivethru window, which is busy on the lightest of days. i took a little detour, and went to a Dunkies (new, small, on a side street) that i figured would be easier. boy, did i figure wrong. the side street is at a traffic light, and cars were backed up thru the light and down the block on the other side of the intersection. i sat at the light for a few minutes, then decided to go with Plan C. (didn't know i had a Plan C, did you?) drove to the Dunkies in Porter, parked, and walked over, figuring that walkup service would be faster.

hah. *everyone*, and i mean everyone, was in line there, out the door. seems like we all had a late, late night last night, and everyone needed their coffee. have to say, tho - it was the happiest, cheeriest group of sleep deprived people i've seen in quite some time. made the 10 minute wait sort of enjoyable, as we all swapped baseball stories. :)

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they won! my boys won!


*insane hyper giggling*


bring it on, baby. i'm primed for Saturday. :)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

just about this time last year, i offered up a little prayer. this year's version:

Our Father who art at Fenway, baseball be thy game.
Thy kingdom come, World Series won, on earth as it is in the Cask n' Flagon.
Give us this day, oh Derek Lowe,
and forgive us our losses, as we forgive those like young Billy Buckner.
And lead us not into depression, but deliver us from the curse.


one of the women i volunteer with was telling me that her son had her put the game on mute last night, just so he could say a little prayer for the team. and she works with a patient who was born in 1918 - december, 1918. guess what he's rooting for?

i'm all sorts of wound up about the game tonight, and thinking about taping it so Little Small (who is a member of Kid Nation, courtesy of his uncle) can watch it tomorrow.

ohmigod. we're up to Game 7. auuuuuaaahhhhh! Game 7!!

in this lifetime, in this lifetime, in this lifetime...

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Monday, October 18, 2004

survey says, Thermapads are probably good if you can apply them consistently to the achy bits.

however, for me, the shoulder/neck area was too tricky to keep the pad (which has an adhesive tab on each end, but nothing in the middle) really stuck to the sore muscle. i do like that it had a fairly consistent low grade heat the entire time, and uses activated charcoal as the medium. but in the end, it didn't do me much good. The Dane had a better experience with it, using it on his lower back, so i'll give him the last one to use tonight.

the pain got so bad today i thought i was going to vomit, and i had to leave work early. this is not how i want to live.

tonight: made a yummy dinner, sipping a little wine, and about to use the heating pad (in tartan!) that The Dane got for me on the way home. yeah, i have one somewhere in the house... this is easier.

other thought to write about when i have regained brain: i've been sitting with the idea that what we admire or dislike about others speaks much more loudly about ourselves than the others. it's lead to a few interesting ideas. (i figure putting the topics out there will remind me in a few days - not trying to tease.)

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

still ouchie, but the weekend was pretty good. a few thoughts (keep in mind, with the pain, i have a focus range of about two minutes):

Friday was MNO (Moms Night Out) at a local Mexican place. picture this: moms with no kids or partners, tequila, and a few hours to kick back and enjoy. i was really happy to be invited, and had a great time.* not much tequila for me, because that's no longer entertaining. but that wasn't necessary to have an interesting time with these women.

Saturday we went to visit my bro and his family, including Miz Peach, who is now 4 months old and immensely adorable. Little Small had a good enough time with Beaner (technically, i suppose they're almost-cousins, but they don't care about technicalities) and her friends that he was crushed to leave, so we're going to plan a return trip soon. i'm thinking, we could take all of them out to a movie and give my bro and his wife a small break.

and today, after sleeping in, The Dane and i did a bunch of very productive shopping, then just messed around the house. we got some winterish clothes for us, some for LS, some supplies for the house, some Halloween items, and even a few splurges. nothing felt rushed, which was the best part for me.

things to investigate: is the whole staggering Tylenol and Motrin when treating sick kids just a big marketing ploy? and what were the Republican party planks in 1860? how do they look compared to todays?

and tonight, i will indulge in the luxury known as Thermapads - air activated heating bandaids, really, as they're adhesive. i'm hoping to wake up tomorrow with a much less tense neck.

* i've realized a few things lately about relationships in general, and school transition specifically, that i'll write more about later - when i can focus for more than five minutes. it's been an interesting eye opener for me, and i'd like to get your feedback when i can formulate a sentence or two.

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unconscious mutterings:

Dimension:: Fifth
Roger:: Wilco
CSI:: oh, man, who is that lead guy actor? him. that's what i think of.
Passenger:: fare
Thankful:: feast
Has-been:: washed up
Bambino:: Curse of
Wrinkles:: iron
Cable TV:: expensive
Voicemail:: tag

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