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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

alright, god - enough. enough with the death, okay? i've had enough of it for the month.

could you maybe just lighten up on it for a bit? please?

i opened up my alumni magazine tonight to find that my college roommate from senior year died, just before Christmas. kelly was a great person, and a great roommate, and how she put up with me, i'll never know.

she interned for David Letterman one summer, living in a small, hot little apartment in NYC. she sent me a t-shirt from the show, and i wore that thing until it disintegrated.

we lost touch after college; i didn't make much effort to keep up with anyone. i'd tried to look her up a few times, but never got in contact. and now it's too late.

the obit said she'd founded her own company, an animal-centric one. she was likely fabulous at it; she had a tank of oscars and a ferret when we roomed together, and was great with them. in fact, kelly was great at most everything she did. and she'll be missed.

eta: the oddest thing is trying to wrap my mind around kelly at 39 or 40. in my head, she'll always be 21, striding across campus and laughing.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

oh, gawd... this is so my life. sadly? i did start with the Tacoma Narrows Bridge recently.

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