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Monday, May 19, 2008

just settling down from the day part of my day, and getting ready for the night part of my day.

dinner: kalmata hummus, black olive tortilla chips (organic!), 2 hard boiled eggs, courtesy of TJs, since i can't hard boil an egg to save my life. okay, maybe then, but not most days. washing down with fakey-fake beer, which, much like the real deal, still tastes better in a bottle than a can.

i suppose that sort of undoes the detox i'm doing this week, doesn't it? ;)

ran errands all the way home - got high-fiber cheeri*s and dried cranberries at TJs to make breakfast cookies, crickets for lizards, a small Coke-bottle shaped salt shaker for hubby (not what i went into the store for, but hey, you can't pass up a good magic prop when you see one), replaced some tupperwannabes, succumbed to the lo-fat Pringles and Dove bar on sale (dark chocolate is good for you, right?), picked up some daylilies from a neighbor to plant in my garden, went to another grocery store to get lite syrup (got sugar free) for teh cookies, and then dragged my tired ass home, to feed all the little furries and myself.

lest you think i was being wasteful with gas, btw, all the stores are within about a mile of each other, and i plan my route to make it as non-loopdeloop as possible.

and wtf with gas prices, eh? *shakes head* MedSm continues to be bullshit at me for not buying him bottled water ('but mooooommmmm does!') because i refuse to pay for something free in plastic packaging that i know he won't recycle. he may be starting to get it, tho... i pointed out that consumption of plastic and gas prices are connected (k, so, super simplified, i know, but he's 9), and he at least let up on me for the rest of the day.

i find that i'm working on being more eco-conscious, and green conscious, both in what i do/don't buy, and what happens with the packaging. i've got two recycle bins under my desk at work: paper, and non-paper. trying to buy more organic, less processed food, making good food for MedSm to take to school - he doesn't get why i don't want him eating mystery taco meat of dubious origin, or why i won't take him to the Golden Arches (have i mentioned that he has the menus of most chains memorized?) and to that i say tough snot. fast food makes me ill; doesn't mean i won't get it sometimes, but i always pay the price. his lunches are healthy sandwiches, fruit, veggies (and i do pack him something sweet, too, so i'm not a total wicked stepmother) - and he's requested pasta salad for this week, which i'm more than happy to do. i did spare him the whole wheat spirals; got him the veggie ones instead. :)

case in point on the green awareness: i was shopping for anti-wrinkle stuff the other night (despite my firm stance that one should only have to deal with acne *or* wrinkles, the arguement isn't going my way). there was a brand name on sale, one that my grandmother has used for years, and she looks danged good for 92. i picked it up to buy it, and some eye serum, and read the packaging. holy crap. despite my love for my friend and his band of the same name, i really couldn't bring myself to put a chem lab on my face. couldn't identify one damn ingredient, outside of water. so i spent about the same, not much more, to get the Burt's Bees Royal Jelly. that, i could pronounce and identify all the ingredients. and somehow, that made more sense.

back to the food thing for a minute. MedSm is very focused on his weight these days. he said to me that he's fat, needs to get rid of his love handles, has to lose weight, and has to do TaeBo every night. tell me - does that sound like a 9 yr old? and he's *not* fat. he's a good weight/height proportion for his age, and he's active - plays outside all the time, plays on a few teams, likes going out and doing stuff. i have my theories on where this is coming from, but we'll wait and see.

whoofdy. k, done for the night, will post about the Iron Works later this week.

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