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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

best quote of the day:

'it's not that i'm not a detail oriented person. it's just that i'm oriented to different details than you are.' :)

so, am i the only person that thinks this whole "gas holiday" thing (she said, airquoting her ass off) is a bunch of bullshit? as i understand it, politicos say 'no tax on gas! whee! stimulate economy, solve problem! whee!' okay, so i'm paraphrasing. and yet, the cost of a barrel of oil is going... nowhere. or up. sooooo...cost of a gallon of gas doesn't change. now, mind you, i slept thru econ in college, but - if a retail store decides to put an item on sale, they can choose to cut overhead costs somehow, or take a hit on their profit, or otherwise accomodate the price change. the government, last time i checked, has blown thru any surplus we ever had and is now running at a 67 gumptybazillion dollar deficit. oh, and running really fucking expensive intervention for democracy war (which according to the Shrub has been a success, based on his annual statements, and was over 5 or 6 years ago). no wiggle room.

which means, in my albeit limited understanding of global economics, that we the consumer are fucked no matter which way you look at it. tax us at the pump, on our returns, cut our basic services, tax something else we need - you're gonna get our money one way or the other. the whole gas tax thing seems like a shell game, no pun intended.

MedSmall can't figure out why i start sputtering every time 'gas tax holiday' is mentioned on the radio.

he also can't understand why i won't buy him bottled water (or Gatorade, but that's a different story). he thinks i'm just a big mean cranky mommy. 'but i'm thirstyyyyyy.' yeah, and you knew you were coming to your game, and i told you to fill your waterbottle. i won't pay for something that a) should be free, b) is often available freely (his refusal to use a water bubbler is not my issue), c) contributes to landfill because he won't recycle, d) whose plastic packaging is part and parcel of (name ecological issue here - let's say global warming, shall we?), and e) did i mention should be free? he's got a choice - keep track of his water bottles and use them, or be thirsty and think i'm a meany.

Gatorade - sorry, kid. you're not doing a triathalon, i don't think it's healthy to pump your body full of electrolytes and whathaveyou when you could be drinking water (see above), which your doctor assures me is just fine for you. ;)

and i can only imagine how hard it is to be inside his head. on one side: tree-hugging liberal hippy who won't shop at WalMart. on other side: other house is Republican, military, anti-hippy, pro-government, WalMart stock holders. at least he's got a wide breadth of models to choose from. *wry grin*

*sigh* k, tea, shower, off to work.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

spoiled, really spoiled, is how i'm feeling this morning.

did i say i got to run my weekend at my own schedule? what i should have said was that i had a schedule-less weekend. was out running errands, and thought about doing a few more, then decided i wanted ice cream, got a slushie instead (Richie's rocks), then went home. after feeding the cat (nearly got him a new food dish that says 'what part of empty don't you understand?' on the inside) and the lizards, i plunked myself on the couch. and there i stayed. :) little TV, little trashy magazine, snack, napping, more napping, watched a Marvin Gaye, napping (teh kitteh was especially happy about all that), some L&O because i love that show (and wouldn't Jesse Martin be fabulous in a Marvin Gaye biopic? i can't be the first person to think that), more napping (which i suppose at this point should be called 'sleeping')... all in all a good day. it's one of those that my hubby would call money from home.

the Marvin Gaye ep. was one of those synchronicity things, teamed with the tangential nature of teh Internets. so, it all started with a note that tanya sent, about charts. which led to browsing (oh, there's a freakin' surprise), and the grapevine, and Utoob, and really just being blown away all over again by the immense talent of Marvin Gaye, and the duet with his daughter left me in tears. someone on the American Masters ep. commented that every song Marvin touched was 'Marvinized', and that's a good thing.

oh, and by the way? this wins the prize for Stoopidest Card Yet for Mother's Day:

in case you can't read the card in the middle, it's 'For My Former Mother-in-Law'. yep.

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