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Saturday, April 26, 2008

really, there are days i'm lucky i'm not a widow.

(note: it's early, i'm cranky, and if you want shiny happy things, go here.)

yes, it would be self-imposed, but after attempting to get some sleep next to a mating elephant? i was thisclose to whacking hubby with a pillow this morning. only, it would have taken effort.

and i had to battle with his sleeping lumpy form last night to actually *have* sheets to crawl under.

so i am not happy, nor well-rested. and all i want is a day at the beach. one of those good, lazy, lie in the sand and listen to the waves sort of beach days.

wah wah wah. right. pity party over. busy day today, and MedSm has already started in on me about 'are we going? now? now? now? NOW?' ye gods and little fishes, some days he's more persistent than the cat (who will yow at any moving form in search of food, like he's a famine-stricken animal in search of crumbs, doesn't matter if he's just eaten).

oh man... okay, so maybe the party wasn't over just yet. ;) working on tea, thinking about a hot shower, contemplating sheep, hoping for a decent night's sleep tonight.

at least i figured out my camera charges better with the charger plugged *in*. hey, small steps, right? ;)

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Friday, April 25, 2008

feeling a bit crispy around the edges this morning...

and there are never enough hours in the day, i was thinking this morning as i foraged for clean clothes. but really, it doesn't have much to do with the number of hours, does it? that's a fixed quantity. what does change is what we do with those hours. 10 lbs will never fit in a 5 lb bag. :)

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

today was a good day.

so many things in my life feel like they are out of my control, or that i've lost control of them, that i take the good moments/days where i can get them.

woke up early, and reorganized the closet. we've got a long, skinny walk-in closet in our bedroom; the bedroom is on the third floor (and of course, the laundry is in the basement), and the closet is tucked in what used to be the attic eaves. hubby had the front part of the closet since we moved in (the door is on one end, and you take a sharp right inside the door to walk down the length of the closet). which was all fine and good, him having the first part, until he started taking over my part too, and leaving things stacked by the door. this all worked well for him, but not so well for me. when it got to the point that i had to hold on to the door frame to step over things, something had to give. hubby said he'd organize things, but that didn't happen. so this morning, i swapped stuff out. he now has the whole back of the closet, and my stuff is right there by the door. got a linen bin at Targè to toss my shoes in, and life is good.

got to work early, nice drive in (vacation week, so not much traffic), got stuff done, had birfday cake this afternoon, and then the fuse for our office blew. early release! i have to say, i was fairly gleeful about it - nothing like extra recess. :) bonus was, i had time to run an errand, stop by to cat sit for sis, and still make part of Medium Small's first baseball game.

heard a great story from one of my coworkers today. i'd gone to spend a little of my Targè gift card last night (have i mentioned how much i love my job? we got baskets of flowers and gift cards for admin day) and got some cute shoes - ballet flats with strips of fabric, sort of quilt-style, along the sides. coworker came up to me, and started telling me a story about his daughter meeting the Dali Lama when she was in pre-school. (yeah, i didn't see the connection either.) he asked her afterwards how it was meeting such a special person, and her four-year-old perspective was, 'he has the best party shoes!' life through the eyes of a child.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

okay, so i knew i was tired... but this is crazy.

i slept. all. day. woke up at 6. PM.

and the sad part is, i'm still tired.

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unconscious mutterings:

  1. Questioning :: learning

  2. Immunity :: idol

  3. Online dating :: crap shoot

  4. Calcium :: osteoporosis

  5. Dressing :: salad

  6. Bucket :: brigade

  7. Stain :: lifter

  8. Advanced :: age

  9. Dramatic :: Shakespeare

  10. Self-medication :: dangerous

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