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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

much, much later, on a completely different night...

yeah, so... i get that i'd promised a more timely update. and here's what happened: i got a new job (which i love and adore), and had to adjust to a new commute (ask me how the first day went - when my CAR DIED), and took the time to step back, find a new rhythym, and sink into the new melody of my life.

y'all, i cannot tell you how much i love and adore my new job. not just the job (which rocks), but my bosses (who also rock), and the work that we do - which is *stellar*.

i work for a bunch of engineers, who figure out how to make buildings work.

have i mentioned that what i studied in college (nay, my thesis) was about the built environment? historical buildings? how people interact with their environment? and my second degree was in anthropology? i.e., how people live?

dayum, gina. this job is so made for me.

and, more than that - i work for/with a team of people who *get* that i am talented and competent. y'all, i've spent the last 2.5 years ingesting the idea that i wasn't intelligent. to work with people who like and appreciate my ideas? and my skills? soooooooo very cool, and refreshing.

i love and adore the place that i'm working, who i get to work with, and the work that we do as a company.

"damn, it's good to be a gangster." (points to the first person who points out where that movie quote comes from.)

i'm also figuring out how to live, with the new job. on a good night, i can run one errand. on a bad night, i get home. either way, when i get home - off with the office cloths, on with the Happy Pants, and onto the couch to watch some stupid TV.

(Happy Pants, by the way, are my fave sweatpants. just in case you're wondering. and if you're not, i'm still putting it out there.)

and here's the thing about the commute: i've figured out several routes, and ways to get around traffic. more than anything, i don't want to get stuck. so i've found ways to use local roads. and then... when i was talking to my dad tonight, i widged a bit about having to drive 45 minutes each way. y'all... he drove over an hour each way at his last job, and is not cutting me any slack - as he shouldn't. in fact, he laughed his head off. and i was right there with him.

i've been immensely spoiled. yeah, i've had an hour commute... on public transport. so sad, too bad - at least i wasn't doing the driving. to have to drive 45 minutes? on local roads? in a car that makes decent mileage? hardly the worst scenario.

i have a job that i love. i have a partner who rocks my world. i have a kid who looks up to me. i'm very, very blessed.

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