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Friday, October 27, 2006

well, crap.

i find myself not resisting the urge to fall on the bandwagon, once again. so, with absolutely no urging whatsoever from the lovely kate, who did nothing other than sign up herself, i've signed up for NaBloPoMo.

perhaps it's the urge to participate in something PoMo, because all the cool kids are PoMo these days, aren't they? oh, wait. that was so mid 80's. and it makes me think of semiotics, and it took far too much energy to come up with that term. so, no. it's not the PoMo.

no, really, it's the urge to write more, and more often. hell, i used to own a webring called Every Damn Day. and maybe it's time to revisit that.

if i do really well, i may even get to do holidailies next month. ;)

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whoo hoo! new toy! :)

i'm sitting here at Command Central, my new nickname for the home office. i've installed support for our new Vonage account, and it freakin' *rocks*. i'm so hyped about it, i'm tempted to say it r0x0rs. ;)

got all the tech gadgets installed, no problems, cabled it neatly (and may tackle recabling the rest of the setup this weekend, as the spider's nest pisses me off), made a few calls to test it out, hubby decided to call back to see how it all works, and the new caller ID is verrrrry sexy. ah, the power of the internet. :)

also, got a promo CD from a friend of ours who is running a club in South Beach. so, i'm sitting here with a glass of wine, listening to the club mix, blogging away, with my newly Vonage-enabled phone sitting on the shelf behind me.

sometimes, technology is good. :)

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

mmmmmmm... flannel sheets.

(i actually had a more philosophical sort of post in mind, but i'm tired, and trying not to catch another cold, and man, oh man, were the flannel sheets yummy! like getting a big bear hug.)

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