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Monday, October 2, 2006

so, i've been sick. really freakin' sick. as in, barely enough energy to be sick.

(note to self: put on calendar for next year to start taking massive quantities of Vitamin C and echinacea a week before school starts. i swear, grade schools are cess pools for plague. miraculously, MedSm appears to have only been the transport vehicle for said plague.)

most of it has been fever, and chills, and much congestion (thankfully, not in my lungs), and coughing. oh my lord, the coughing... in Olympic competition proportions. here's how much i coughed: my abs ache as if i've been doing 500 situps a day (and damnit, i want the abs to show for it!). i went way beyond coughing hard enough to cry, or pee. nope, this was world class coughing. hard enough to give myself a charlie horse. hard enough that the little thread of tendon that holds your tongue down in front - i strained it. strained a muscle i didn't even know existed.

the cough, i am tired of it.

and i'm tired of being tired. when you have to ration your energy and prioritize what you can get done in the 20 minutes you have left in you once you get home from work, and the list consists of cooking *or* eating? that's too damn tired.

thank heavens for cough syrup with codeine. i have to say, tho, i felt a little like a low rent alcholic, because i carried around my little bottle of liquid relief, and surreptitiously took a nip out of it every few hours. did the trick, tho. and according to the x rays, i still have both lungs to show for it, which is good, because there was some question for a while.

feeling a bit more human these days, and enjoying the fall, which seems to have arrived in a hurry, rushing in with crisp air and clear light and turning leaves, and trying to ignore the sudden onslaught of Halloween/Thanksgiving items in the seasonal aisle, for at least another week or so.

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