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Thursday, May 18, 2006

and then some days are like this:

snooze button... snooze button... oh, crap i'm late i have to get them ready or MedSm will be late honey who showers first? no i'll make him lunch okay you shower first snooze button crap crap crap where are my slippers?

c'mon, kiddo, time to rise and shine, no i don't want to either, eggs or cereal? ham and cheese or peanut butter for lunch? how many cheese sticks? no you can't have juice, yes you have to take your medicine, did you put on clean underwear, change your shirt, you gotta go in 10 minutes. where's my measuring cup, where the hell did it go, i want to nuke some water for tea, where the *hell* is it, oh, shit yeah, *that's* a reasonable place for it. you have 5 minutes, little man. honey are you ready to take him? 2 minutes, where are your sneakers, yes, you have to wear a jacket, see you at karate, bye honey.

i have to go thru those papers, keep, toss, file, act now, keep, crap, which pile is keep and which is file, aw damn, that's the same, wait, keep or file and review, yeah, that's it, what the hell is my filing system, crap, ah, there's the water for my tea, damn, need to shower, empty trash, don't forget to replace the bag, hey, i want to take that plant to work, put it by the door, tea, wait a sec, sort papers, keep, trash, keep, pay, file, pay, act now, act last week, shit, damn, shower.

hot water.

what shoes do i want, where did i leave them, damn, no not those, ah shit, whatever, down the stairs, grab papers, plant, bag, keys, phone, do i have keys? yeah, out the door, be good, everyone, close the door, down the stairs, dump the trash, into the car, look both ways before pulling out, god i really need to fill the birdfeeders, did i pick the mail yesterday? why is the driveway always a mess? buy ant traps, and yard bags, wait, first gear not second, god it's sunny and beautiful today, shit i left my tea upstairs.

and that was just the first 45 minutes. imagine 10 more hours of that internal dialog, and no, i most certainly not inflict it on you. ;)

i think, when i see my hamsters on the exercise wheel, running an infinite loop, that our live are not so different, the hamsters and me. they're just more straightforward about the wheel.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i heard from a few friends tonight, and apologized for being behind.

we're all members of a stepmom group, and i love and adore these women. feisty, strong, talented, and caring. Mother's Day was definitely a challenge for all of us. can i just ask: how hard is it to acknowledge the people who matter? neverrrrrrmind. it's a rhetorical question. my heart bleeds for some of them,tho, who not only didn't get acknowledgement, but instead got a kick in the arse.

fwiw, here's my post to them, paraphrased:

swamped literally - feet of rain in the last week. yes, feet, not foot. last time i checked on the center of town, people had brought canoes down, so they could traverse the soccer field.

fortunately, we're part way up a hill. water table sucks, but we're still just a pass by for the water. down hill, sometimes - strike that, always - thru our basement, but still keeps going down hill.

swamped figuratively - MedSm was sick, hubby is struggling with migraines (weather and stress), and work... ah, work. i *love* being swamped at work, and for once, i'm not being cynical. this is really the job of my dreams - i'm busy and engaged all day, there's wiggle room for errands, and i can fit A Life into the schedule. so, The Days Are Packed, to quote Calvin and Hobbes, but in a very good way.

trying to figure out the juggling routine of Life, Work, and Play. well. aren't we all trying to figure that out? ;)

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

haven't drowned yet, altho it's not from lack of rain.

i actually almost gave myself whiplash just now, turning around to see - what was that? - is that something approaching *sunlight* outside my window?

we're all fine. basement flooded a little, but that's SOP for our house. the water table in town is about 6" down, at best, and we live on a big freakin' pile o' rock. there's actually a huge rock that starts in our driveway, goes down thru the basement, and probably keep going forever. makes for a nice rock garden. ;)

on a good day, we get rain in the basement. this week, it was like someone turned on a spigot in the corner. honestly, i was looking for the tap, or a broken pipe. French drain and two sump pumps, and it barely makes a dent. but at least we live half way up the hill. the water has two paths coming down the hill: down the street, or thru our basement. at least it's only a pass-through.

i didn't realize that it was that big a deal (hey, our town floods all the time) until several people called to make sure we were okay.

and then i checked out the papers.

schnikey! it's a mess out there! let me say this about that, tho: keep in mind that photographers will always go for the most dramatic vantage point. yes, the schools were closed. yes, several streets were impassable. yes, someone actually did take a canoe down to the high school, because the flood waters made it possible to go for a rather lovely canoe trip up and down the street and across the soccer fields. yes, several manhole covers did look like the fountain at Trevi. but all those flooded parking lots? same ones that always flood, and all connected - which you couldn't tell from the pictures. if you left your car there, given the weather? you knew what you were in for, or you're From Away.

funniest things from yesterday: my boss's son broke out the inflatable raft... in their basement. and my dad, who has been waiting for this moment for months, ran out with his stash of rubber duckies and tossed them in the pond that formed between their house and the neighbors (appears occasionally, sometimes complete with live ducks), then made his getaway.

and now i understand why there was a line down the block outside the hardware store the other day. i thought they were doing some sort of community thing, but apparently they were raffling off the few remaining sump pumps they had in stock. ;)

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