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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

and doesn't it just figure that this is the meditation tip that appeared in my mail today:

Everything exists according to its own nature - our individual perceptions of worth, correctness, beauty, size and value exist inside our heads, not outside them.

serendipitous, that.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

here's the thing i'm working on these days:

how much of my frustration with other people comes from how i view the world? how much of it is me, and how much of it is them?

there's a specific situation i'm working on. i disagree vehemently with some of the choices someone in my life is making; i'm incredibly angry about some of them, and the effect they have on others. (note: my temper is my worst attribute.) but. i have to step back and question where the anger comes from. am i trying to hold him to standards that don't fit him? we all have our own way of looking at the world, and by default hold people to our own views. if we're lucky, we see that, and try to open our minds and hearts to other ways of seeing life.

so. i'm trying to curb my temper, open my heart, open my mind, and see the situation from a bigger perspective. we'll see how that goes.

in other news, The New Job rocks, long and hard. how lucky am i to work for a company that i love, with people i respect, in my hometown? this and the last job with the science company have also been/continue to be fantastic because they are so immensely different from the MegaCorp That Laid Me Off. the people i've worked with in the last 6 months honestly and truly care about each other, and how we all feel at the end of the day. it's immensely refreshing to get continual feedback, both positive and negative, but mostly positive, and know that i'm valued as part of the team. wonderful for my ego, and continues to make me happy that i was laid off.

seriously, being laid off was the best thing that could have happened to us. (for those coming late to the game, hubby and i worked together, and were laid off together.) hubby has built a business that he loves, and that feeds him. i have found a renewed sense of self that has nothing to do with the office, discovered how very much i love being a mom, and found a dream job that feeds both of those things, plus leaves me room and space for me and my family. i miss some of the people we worked with, but don't miss the faceless corporate grind one bit.

i'll try to post pics in the next few days... of Nana's 90th, and MedSm's opening day for baseball season, and our trip to Skip's opening night (burger joint up north), and how the gardens are going. oh! also, hamilton squeakypuff had another litter - because there was an error in sexing the kids. she lives alone now, except for the pups, who will go to good homes in a few weeks. my bad, and i feel horrible that her quiet life turned into another round of kids... but she's healthy, and still runs over to the cage door when i call her name. and the gardens outside are sprouting up all sorts of plants, and the birds are coming to our front window to feed, and MedSm is all set up for the summer...

truly, life is good. :)

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

unconscious Mutterings:

Rising:: tide
Third:: base
Disruptive:: exwife
Surround:: sound
Distant:: shores
Suction:: cup
Fried:: dough
Nuggets:: gold
Clip:: movie
San Antonio:: cowboy

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