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Monday, April 10, 2006

here's what i love about my cat: his unbridled optimism. that, and he's sneaky. :)

see, if hubby and i are both home, he'll pest us both until one of us feeds him his evening dinner of wet food. and then he's done. but if one of us isn't around when The Feeding happens? oh, woe betide the next person who walks into the kitchen, for s/he will be beseeched in most pitiful tones for food, please, now, before i starve! i'd even put up with the vegetables you didn't eat, and which your mother threatened to mail to starving children elsewhere! please! meow!

he's always hopeful for the next meal, and i love that about him.

here's one of the many things i love about my kid: he keeps me grounded.

i came home last Wednesday, and hubby had MedSm doing his homework before dinner, so we could have a special treat. MedSm finished his homework, and then went off to play in his room. :) hubby called him back to see what the treat was.

i explained that since i'd gotten a new job, we were going out to dinner to celebrate. his eyes got as big as saucers when i said 'new job', and even bigger when i said 'restaurant'. and 3 seconds later, he wanted to show me the cool drawing he did at school.

ah, the world thru the eyes of a child. keeps things in a healthy perspective. :)

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