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Monday, April 3, 2006

still working on catching up on the stories, and worrying about a few things... which is a good excuse to talk about The Ark, right?

as if i need an excuse to discuss my pets...

hubby has started calling me Noah's Wife. altho she's never named in the bible, tradition says her name was Na'amah. and i have to say, it fits. for whatever reason, buying our own home allowed me to finally indulge in the pet menagerie i've wanted for years. probably knowing that the only one i have to negotiate with is my hubby, and we'll be here for a while, is what freed me up. in any event, there's quite the cast of characters.

there's Strat, my senior kitty (Senor Senior, some days). he's 16, and a love bug. doing pretty well in terms of health and mobility; had a tooth pulled last fall, but i've got him on vitamins, glucosamine, and dental chews, and he's happy.

Betta fish: 4. jeremy and bertram yojimbo are mine, MedSm has two red ones. probably named them larry and harry, knowing him, altho he's likely forgotten that.

terrarium - two green tree frogs, and two anoles, one green and one Bahamian. this was all a birthday gift to MedSm, and he digs his reptiles. along with the reptiles, there's the semi-weekly Slaughter of the Innocents, when we feed them crickets.

small and furries - current count is 8 Campbell's dwarf hamsters. four are young 'uns, that will be going to new homes, if i can bring myself to part with them - three have already gone to good owners. Hamilton Sqeakypuff, as it turns out, is not a Hamilton but a Hamiltonette - she had 8 bebes. !! amazingly, for a first time mom, she raised all of them without incident. Cocoa Puff, one of her
daughters, is staying with us; she and mom coexist quite nicely. Honey Girl and Stevie are the other Campbell's (Stevie may be a girl, and Honey Girl may be a boy, but since they live solo, it doesn't much matter.) most of the hammies are mine; Stevie belongs to MedSm, altho he feels quite proprietary about all of them. ;)

then there are the mice - Ophelia, Mocha Cocoa Kinkajou, Snoozey II, and Gingersnap. adorable, fascinating creatures, but a pain to clean up after.

and two weeks ago, i adopted a zebra finch (leave it to me to end up with a cream zebra, who is mostly white). Virgil is wonderfully entertaining - he sings back to hubby's alarm clock in the morning. eeeeh. cheep! eeeeh. cheep! well, at least i think it's entertaining. :)

and i'm entertaining the idea of starting a nanoreef, altho that will likely have to wait a while. i'm not sure where i could set it up, and set up the mechanics for water changes.

all of this, plus the outdoor feeders for the wild birds. hence, The Ark, as hubby now calls the house. :)

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