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Friday, January 6, 2006

i've had lots of pets in my life. and i'm grateful for each experience.

but i've still got a lot to learn. as much as i love (and loved) my pets, as much as i cared about the animals i worked with as a teacher... i'm still blown away by how much i care for MedSm's pets.

by virtue of the arrangement (he's here half the week, and with his mom half the week), his pets are my pets.

he has (we have) betta fish, dwarf hamsters, lizards, and a frog. cleaning out the vivarium tonight? what a trip! i had to capture each reptile, with minimum contact. at one point, i had a frog and a lizard on my sweater. i don't think they were happy, but i was laughing my ass off. i pointed out to MedSm the other day that he gets the sweet end of the deal - he gets to feed them, pet them/watch them, and generally enjoy the pets. i, on the other hand, spend 5 or 6 hours a week cleaning up cages and caring for the pets.

and this is why i only got MedSm pets that i would also love.

as for my diabetic hamster - he's doing well, all things considered. our vet found the right antibiotic to quell his infection, and i won't need to reset his digestive system. pig seems 150% better - happier, more mobile, still drinking everything in sight, but much improved. i'm working with the vet to figure out how to treat pig moving forward. how is it, that if dwarf hammies have a 50% chance of ending up diabetic, and hammies are incredibly popular pets, that noone (that i'm aware of) markets a diabetic food mix for the hammies? (ah.... and i was looking for a next mission. *g*)

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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

loooove me some Mike Doughty.

Sunken-eyed girl on Delancey Street
Bulletproof glass in the KFC to
Keep the man safe in his paper hat
Keep the wrong hands off the biscuit fortune

that verse kills me every time i hear it.

so! the home movie! *giggle* yeah, i felt silly and flirty and goofy posting that. and y'know? it was a nice feeling. my hubby, by the way, is the only one who will get a copy. :)

see, we were playing Turbo Cranium over at Chica's parents, and i somehow drew the short straw on our turn, and got stuck acting out something. can't even remember what, other than it was unsucesscful, unlike 'one man band', which i did get Chica to guess in about 10 seconds. she was video'ing me whilst trying to guess, this time around. not a good combination, given the high levels of silliness. roughly 5 seconds into this iteration, i was gesticulating wildly, and Chica was laughing insanely.

i should back up and mention that i was wearing a polar fleece kind of top that she had given me a few years back. she's much more comfortable with showy (as in revealing) sort of things than i am, so i don't often wear this top. it's long sleeved, but short fronted. the neckline, it is scooped out like the last dregs of a pint of Karamel Sutra.

so, when the aim on the camera became... highly variable, shall we say, the movie became less me acting like a dork trying to get her to guess my character, and more the girls taking center stage.

and right now, the movie is somewhere in Syracuse, perhaps about to be accidentally sprung on an unsuspecting audience. (it was Chica's SIL's camera, and she's off to the wilds of NY state for the week.)

The Fleecy Shirt, btw, gets much commendation from hubby, and also a round of applause at the lounge last week. hubby has been performing semi-regularly with the boys at the Mystery Lounge, and i decided to bring the boys some holiday cookies the week before Xmas/Hanukah. (side note: i was busy during the day, had MedSm for karate, then a brief break before the lounge - and i managed to organize things so the doughs were ready for an hour of Power Baking, wherein i made 7-8 dozen cookies. go me!) i guess i wasn't clear on the fact that the cookies were for the boys, because everyone in the audience got some. all worked out fine, tho. i got a special thank you from the stage, a round of applause from the audience, many thank yous, and one person who said, in response to me mentioning that the cookies were out of a box (mix), 'ah, but it was a box of magical tasty goodness.' :) ... and while i was sitting at the table watching the show and having dinner, .all. .the. .boys. came by to lean over and thank me for the ...cookies.

ah, it's good to be appreciated. :)

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

happy new year, everyone!

tie-red, tie-red after the holidays this year, altho it's no different than every other year (in terms of tired), and even not so bad as last year or two. also, in general, i feel better about the holidays this year. setting aside the Turkey Day Traffic Debacle (ameliorated by high grade pharmeceuticals), we pretty much got to do what we wanted, saw most everyone, made plans to see others, and didn't feel overly rushed. not bad, eh?

(please forgive me if this is a bit disjointed... i have a plethora of ideas running around in my head, and want to get some of them out just to be writing. interesting thing about journals/blogs - while we certainly get an insight into somebody's life, it never really reflects all of the stuff fermenting in their brain. oh, if i could just harness my focus and *write*...)

note to self: hamsters could care less about the color of the cage. bins are far easier to clean, are perfectly sufficient from the animal's point of view, and the modular cages exist primarily for the amusement of the humans.

we are living in Wild Kingdom territory these days: 4 fish, 3 hamsters, 2 lizards, 1 frog, 1 cat, and a partridge in a pear tree. i think it's all lovely. hubby may feel otherwise, but he kindly keeps his peace, and in turn, i happily clean up the coffee grinds and magic props. (found a foam hot dog in the sofa last week, and a rubber chicken the week before.)

one of my hammies, alphonse pigwidgeon, is now diabetic (an occupational hazard of Campbell's dwarves). and he also contracted an infection... so he's on antibiotics for a week, and a diabetic diet after that. ask me sometime how you dose a 1 ounce hamster with oral antibiotics. :)

New Years - all good. Medium Small up to his mom's, hubby working, me over at Chica Bean's parents to play Turbo Cranium. the game certainly gave me an insight into how incestuous our (me and Chica) relationship is, after nearly 20 years; wish i had a pic of the squiggle she drew with her eyes closed, and i guessed (correctly) 'mermaid!'. apparently, we are never allowed to be on the same team, ever again. :)

shite over the last week or so - MedSm spent part of Xmas day in the emergency room, after closing his finger in his mom's car door - which he had locked. his mom called us, and we ended up going up to see how he was and to give her a break (she shot off to the restroom as soon as we got there). all fine, nothing broken, and mostly he was annoyed by only having 8 fingers (the bruised one was taped to the next one over). i did find some humor in the fact that cherry cough medicine and scrambled eggs comes back up as pink froth, but felt badly that MedSm spent any part of Xmas barfing in a parking lot.

also spent one day this past week incredibly overwhelmed, sad, crying, and feeling like i shouldn't be a parent some days. my mom assures me that *every* parent has days like this, which made me feel better. she also said that sometimes it's days on end - which didn't make me feel any better, but made me laugh. thank goddess that we're close enough that i can lean on her once in a while for a parent/sanity check. i love my mom to pieces for many reasons, and this is one of them.

what else, what else... we're going up to see hubby's family next weekend, which should be great fun... MedSm's living situation at his mom's has changed again (all the stepbrothers are gone, for an indeterminate time)... am already redesigning the front garden for next season, and redid the birdfeeder situation in anticipation...

and i'm deleriously happy about my new music. 8) cleaned out the CD racks, took a bunch of things up to Newbury Comics to resell, and spent much of what i earned before leaving the store. (also, an interesting experience having MedSm with me there - 'no, you can't look at those books. no, you can't look at those pins. no, you can't pierce your nose. yes - you can look at those toys - except that one. no, i won't explain why. your mom has a Happy Bunny book? i suddenly like your mom a whole lot more. no, you can't get the bb gun - you'd shoot your eye out with that thing.'

in any event... it's been *ages* since i bought myself a new album. so, flush with newfound wealth, i splurged on many toys for MedSm, an album and movie for hubby, and Mike Doughty's new album - Haughty Melodic. ohhhhhh... ohhhhh... man oh man. brilliant lyrics, fantastic music, a voice i haven't heard from in a few years... i am incredibly happy. amazing how intensely satisfying a new, good album can be.

I want to be your absolute ultimate
Want to be your only one now
Feel the wave come up from your sulkiness
Feel the rays you radiate now

Sweet and plain unsingable name
That rings in my mind now
That strums me like a string
Shine, unsingable name
Over everything

one of the outcomes of the New Year's Eve games? my cleavage has its own home movie. no, i won't post it. yes, i will tell the story. mañana, iguana.

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unconscious mutterings:

Celebrate:: joyous
Resolve:: spine
I need to:: clean
Call:: my mom
Token:: board game
Brand:: cattle
Comparison:: shopping
Far away:: Eleutheria (yeah, i dunno where that came from, either)
Artful:: Dodger
Fantastic:: Four

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