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Saturday, December 10, 2005

already, i am sick of the snow.

yesterday's freak whiteout in the afternoon left me stuck on a hill, no way up. also, i don't feel good about letting hubby shovel, because it takes so much out of him, and the men in his family tend to die early of heart attacks. however, that doesn't leave me feeling *happy* about doing the shoveling myself.

'honey? remember how i said i wanted a carpet sweeper for Christmas? screw that. how 'bout a snow blower?'

i suppose it would be less annoying if the layout of our 5 car driveway (of which we actively use 2/5ths) were more forgiving. there is no good way to shovel, because the driveway is hemmed by the house, the street, the hill, and the wall. there just isn't anywhere to put all that flippin' snow. and yet, there are three whole spots worth of driveway.


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Friday, December 9, 2005

how i know i bought the right sneaker for Medium Small:

after watching him crawl into bed with his new basketball sweats and sneakers, this conversation ensued:

him: beth?
me: mmm?
him: could you help me take my sneakers off, and could you put them *right there* next to the bed so i can see them?
me: *grinning* sure.

honestly, if he could have worn them into the shower tonight, he would have. :)

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

y'know, i've been thinking about the debacle in the upstairs bathroom, and the more i think about it, the madder i get.

not just mad, but truly disappointed. our former landlord knew we were looking to buy the house, and he chose to have his guy do a shit job on the repair, hoping we wouldn't catch it before we close. and we didn't. hey, if you spend 3 hours in my bathroom, and leave bits of drywall scattered around, i'm going to assume that you, oh, i dunno, *used* some of that drywall to fix the wall? nope. just stacked the tiles and glued them together. they collapsed so easily when our plumber came to fix the mess that the plumber (according to my husband) screamed like a little girl.

and that is just so many kind of wrong. (the shit repair, not the screaming.) i mean, we knew we were signing up for an *ss-f*cking when we bought the house. we didn't challenge the assessment (and i don't even know that he had one done), even tho it came in well over the town's assessment of the property. we didn't argue when he asked for cash to cover some of the closing costs. hell, we didn't even complain about driving to RI to do the closing! we made choices, took the *ss-f*cking, and were okay with what we signed up for, because we got exactly what we wanted - which was a house, and the chance to hold on to our home, and the ability to stay put.

the gratuitous *ss-f*cking, however, makes me angry. he took advantage of our good will, and boned us right up the *ss, guaranteeing with his shitass repair that we'd be on the hook for several thousand in repairs, within a year. doubly disappointing, because he just didn't seem like that kind of guy.


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Wednesday, December 7, 2005


there's been a lot going on lately, for all of us, hubby, me and Medium Small. some of it is confusing, some frustrating, some of it just the cost of life.

today, we got a huge *all is well*. hubby landed a job that will allow him to continue to build his business, and.... **drum roll** gets us benefits.

*hugh sigh of relief* so glad he's thru the interview process, and stoked that he did well. mondo excited that after the first of the year we have bennies! can't even tell you how happy i was to hear about this... i did the yippy skippy dance for a bit, called my mom to talk to her, congrat'ed hubby up one side and down the other... and then started crying.

i started tearing up because it's such a relief to know that, soon, goddess willing, we'll have coverage. and good coverage, too. and looking at the monthly bills, and nearly able to cross off the better part of $1K? damn, gina! ;) (Chica Bean, more than most, will know why that's funny.)

even better, we may be able to rejigger one of the mortgages. (eep! one of... and here i thought it only took one loan to own a home. silly me.)

and? i'm closing in on employment for me.

plus, all the people i love and care about are well, and we'll all get together around the holidays.

many days, life is better than what we're able to see at the moment.

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

we all slept in a bit this morning, all three of us. LM, much to my surprise, didn't get up until 10.

so we were all sleepy-happy, and slow to get moving. hubby headed down to get breakfast (and coffee) happening, and i pattered into the bathroom - and gasped.

snow! the trees outside the bathroom window were furred with snow, and it was coming down in soft, gentle drifts.

snow sneaks up on you, not like rain, which announces its presence with an insistent drumbeat. snow just arrives, and waits to greet you.

i love the first, pretty snowfall of the season. it transforms the bare branches and brown patches to something magical. by February, i will have forgotten this moment, but at the very first, it's wonderful.

it fortuitously timed, as well; yesterday, we did all sorts of outdoor (and indoor) holiday things in town, as part of the holiday weekend. we went to a petting zoo, and i saw dromedary and bactrian camels, for the first time, i think. (i went to the National Zoo with my family many years ago, and only remember the white tigers and the panther.) LM fed the llamas and the nubian goats, as well as some sheep and dwarf goats. we played mini golf, went to the penny candy store, got free hot dogs in the back of the hardware store, chowder in front of the seafood restaurant, LM got a snowflake painted on his face, and we went to see the miniature train display. also, after a short break, LM and i went to see the mini village display and get him some sweats for basketball. oh, yeah, my boy, he is playing the hoops. :)

and today? i puttered with decorations around the house, and picked up some things to decorate the small pine tree out front when the snow melts a bit.

ah... snow. and really? i am loving the Christmas season this year.

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