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Thursday, November 10, 2005

remind me never to make pearl onions in a cream sauce from scratch again.

ye gods and tiny fishes, but what a pain in the ass that is! it's bad enough peeling one onion. peeling 50 or 60 teensy weensy ones? bleargh. i did it once, thinking it would be easy, and knowing that hubby would love it. never, never again. frozen foods exist for a reason. :)

minor detail, tho, in the big scheme of things. in the last week, there's been progress, derailment, happy moments, much pride in LM's reading progress, frustration with the raking (and curse the oak tree across the street, which rocks in the spring, but rots this time of year), mice, hamsters, extra credit, interviews, bookings... and a sense of settling/progress, at least for me.

also, strat came thru his surgery with flying colors. he was verrrry loopy for the first day (and i'm glad i warned hubby, because he hadn't seen anything like that before with his pets), but got increasingly feisty, and is back to eating anything and everything. i just need to remember not to feed him right after dosing him. you so very much don't want to know how much strat can projectile vomit. nor do i, but i don't have a choice.

more details to follow... just didn't want too much radio silence. :)

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