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Sunday, October 9, 2005

miscellaneous scattershot:

i've been thinking about katherine today, and sending her virtual 'break a leg' wishes, and 'huzzah!'s, as she's worried about her performance. she's gonna knock 'em dead, for sure. :)

spent a lot of time tonight driving around in the rain. i'm trying to deal with a myriad of stresses, reset my sleep schedule because of insomnia, and look out for my hubby, who is really sick. it should come as no surprise to him that i would say he is an excellent caregiver, and an immensely fussy patient. it rips me apart to hear him moaning and twitching, and know that there is nothing i can do, or that he will let me do. so. i left tonight, to drive around, browse in Newbury Comics (and realize that i've been living in Immensely White Bred (Bread?) Suburbia for way too long), hit a few pet stores, and then go to the pharmacy, to get some prescriptions and pills. after a few hours in the car, in the rain, driving slowly and listening to jazz... i felt a little more relaxed.

speaking of pets, i think i may have a bit of a hamster obsession. ;) truth be told, it's a bit of a pet obsession; i want to bring home all sorts of animals and give them good homes. in particular, tho, i'm all about hammie hammies. hell, i spent 45 minutes in the bulk food section of a local organic store, picking out the ingredients for snoozy's custom built trail mix. !! the woman at the register looked askance at my 15 or 20 bags, with maybe an ounce each in them... but when i told her i was trying to make a trail mix for my hamster? she melted, and said i had one very lucky hamster.

this makes me feel vaguely guilty, on some level, because Little Man wanted to get hammie hammie to have a pet of his own, and i feel like i've sort of hijacked her. granted, he's only here half the week, and his focus is on a lot of things in addition to her. however, i want to make sure, when he's here next, that i make a point of working with Little Man to help him bond with hammie hammie, and reinforce that she's his pet.

as i've been thinking more about animals lately, i worry about pets in stores. to wit: there's a store i've been driving by for years, that i thought might be a great locally owned place. i finally stopped in last week...and ohmigod, i wanted to take every damn animal home with me. the fish, the reptiles, the hamsters, the birds - the canary that pleaded with me for liberation - the bunny in the carry case half again too small for him... i would like to think that the people running the place are doing the best that they can. but when your impulse is to take everyone home with you? there is something wrong with the picture. in some ways, i wish i'd never stopped in there. (and yes, i will be calling the appropriate people.)

anyway, back to hamsters... there's one Campbells dwarf who has been languishing in the local store (not the scary one) for at least a month. and i'm worried that s/he is too old to be adopted. so, i think i may go and get him next week. that way, i've 'rescued' an animal, i have my own hammie, and LM will have his own pet.

on another note, i'm feeling optimistic about The Future. near future, at least; i can only figure out what will happen in the next few weeks. but the big things ... well, there's movement on the rental and employment fronts.

also, Projects. as in: i have two Project To Be Done, that i feel pretty good about taking on.

Project One: repairing the faucets in both tubs in our place. both bathrooms, the tub faucets are dripping, and i cringe at the sound, because i picture our water bill. after doing a bit of research, it seems that finding the water shutoff in the basement, determining the type of faucet, and rebuilding/repacking the faucet handles (likely a washer issue, or maybe a rusting stem) will resolve the issue.

Project Two: making good use of my new sneakers. i got some new sneaks the other day, after deciding that it would not be such a Bad Thing to spend a little moolah on clothes for me. and then i thought about my town. every time i drive around a new place, i nearly drive off the road, checking out houses, yards, gardens... and so, 2+2=5. i've decided that over the next year, i will walk every street in town. i'm working on finding/printing a good map that i can mark up, to chart my progress, and am immensely excited about learning more about my home town.

bleargh. did i mention the insomnia?

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