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Friday, July 29, 2005

Conversation with my Brain at 3 AM (credit to Bukowski).

Brain: *mutter* *mutter* lists, lists, things to do, things to do. okay. next list: Stuff to Do in the Downstairs Apartment.

me: *snorgle* *hrmph* huh?

Brain: aha! you're here! *leaping up and down with glee*

me: *snorgle* eh? whassup? whassall the noise?

Brain: lists! Things To Do! jump in and help out!

me: you're way too damn cheerful. shaddup and go to sleep.

Brain: but we have Things to Do!

me: do any of them involve the house burning down?

Brain: .... well. no. but we have Thing---

me: yeah. to do. i get it. do any of them involve Life Threatening Situations? that must be addressed in the next five minutes or so? or even the next hour?

Brain: ... well. no. but we ha---

me: shaddup. sleep. the body and the muscles need rest. and you? need to gear it down for a while.

Brain: but we Bought a House! and we have a Family! and there are Papers and Bills and Chores and Projects and Lists! and ---

me: right. all that, and a bag of chips. stop dancing. i get that there are a lot of *Things to Do*, and *Lists*, and *we* (by the way, i don't agree with your use of the pronoun) need to find a job. i get all that. but it's 3 in the goddamn AM. i would like to fall asleep before the sun comes up. and i would like to not have nightmares again, thanks to your hyperactivity. the one about the two planes using the flight path over our house, while i was trying to write a sign for the rental? and the two planes spiraling down across the skyline? and the flames downtown, which we could see and hear from here?

basta. enough. i can't live thru that dream again. i've had a hard time driving down the street lately, because i see and hear the planes, and flash back to the dream, and wonder if it's my gram's second sight kicking in, or just some bad leftovers.

enough. shaddup, and go to sleep.

Brain: *quietly* but. there are things that we ha...

me: right. plants, bills, job search, insurance, rental, car, family, friends. and we'll talk about it in the morning. hold that thought. and let me sleep. because i'm way too damn old for all nighters.

Brain: Little Small said he didn't think it was bed time because it was still light.
me: uh huh. right. welcome to New England, and day light savings, and the argument i had with *my* parents every damn night in the summer when i was growing up.

Go. To. Sleep.


Brain: bu---

me: nuh! uhnuh! hmmnh!

Brain: bu---

me: zip! humuhnuh! nuh!

Brain: b---

me: e. n. o. u. g. h. enough! enough. sleeeeeeep.

Brain: buh-

me: nuh.

Brain: b--

me: *snorgle*

:: scribbled at 2:10 AM ... ... o