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Thursday, July 21, 2005

there really is nothing to say about all this heat and humidity that hasn't already been said, is there?

(other than... choosing yesterday to do yardwork was likely not the smartest decision i've made lately.)

amazing to me how the infinite list of tasks pops up *as soon* as you buy a house. so far, i've whacked down all sorts of plants, cleaned out the driveway, the back patch, the front patch, the tenant's driveway, and part of the tenant's backyard. also, dealt with a wasp nest, hosed down the front porch (pollen), bought new trash barrels, planted all sorts of new plants, gotten a bird feeder, listed the downstairs apartment all over the place, cleaned out some of our back porch (a four-season room), gotten area rugs for a few places, spent more $$ than i thought possible at Home Despot (and been happy about it), fought a so far losing battle with the hose and a small leak into the basement (and they are connected), and shovelled things into yard waste bags.

also? discovered that owning a place is a whole lot different than renting. it's taken some time for it to sink in. but it's nice. :)

Little Man asked me tonight: 'if we bought the place, and don't have to go anywhere, why does it look like we're moving?' i asked what he meant, and he said, 'you and dad are doing all sorts of things like we're moving.' and i suppose it does look that way. we're committed to the place in a way we weren't before, so we're doing all sorts of tasks that were left for later, or for others, before. there's a whole lot of trash going out, and (largely cosmetic) changes in our physical space. so, it stands to reason he'd ask.

in much the same way that we have to wait 20 years for the feedback on making him do homework now, i'm sure it will take years (or a house purchase) before he understands where his dad and i are now. heavens knows, i have a whole new appreciation for my parents with this experience.

oh, and?

the heat sucks. :)

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