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Saturday, June 18, 2005

so. i believe we may have found a solution to the housing issue.

(if i haven't mentioned it here before, our landlord is selling the house, for perfectly understandable reasons. he's out of state, and was coming back here primarily to see his dad, who passed away in December. easier to sell than not, and if i were in his place, i'd do the same. however, it puts us in an interesting situation.)

we made an offer on the house.

yes, i do believe this renders us certifiable, as if that weren't up for discussion already.

it seems crazy, and yet exactly the right thing to do. everyone panics when they buy, right? because ohmigod, *how* can you rationalize spending every damn cent you have and then some for the next 30 years on one thing? it's nuts, crazier than all the money i spent on tuition, wackier than buying a car on a whim, just an insane idea.

and yet. we all love this space, The Dane and i both adore the place, i already have a list as long as my arm of projects around the place, and while there are drawbacks (notably a lack of yard), there's a lot going for this place. we're here already, we know the house and the neighborhood and the people, we won't have to pack (thank freakin' god, as the last time nearly killed us!) and transition to a new space, and it's one less upheaval for Little Small. i love the idea of explaining to him that the 'for sale' sign is gone because it's now *our* house. our home. home.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! it's perfect and crazy, all at once. keep your fingers crossed for us, please, as we negotiate our way thru inspections and the myriad details of a closing. oh, and? if you know anyone who's looking to rent a wicked nice ;) 2 bedroom in the greater Boston area in the near future, shoot me a note.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

y'know how some days, you do something clever, and you're left feeling smart?

and then there are other days where you're a complete numnut, and you're left feeling even *smarter*. right? we all have those days. well, lemee tell you, last week, i was a freakin' genius. 8p

first off, my car has no AC. i blew it out last summer on a trip to Maine, an event that caused much consternation and volumes of white smoke pouring out from under the hood while we were paused at the toll booth. but it was really a no harm, no foul sort of thing - cut out the squeaky (nonfunctioning) belt, problem solved. since then, it's been 4x50 - roll down all four windows, drive really fast. ;) and truth be told, i'd sort of forgotten it needed to be fixed until lately.

then there was the month of deluge. (did you contemplate building an ark, too? and the water table in our town is about 6" down, so it was *very* exciting.) and then the sun came out. okay, May doesn't really have anything to do with the story, except insofar as i thought that was all the rain we'd get for quite some time. i mean, there couldn't be any more up there, right?

some of you can already see the punch line. we live in a lovely, quiet, safe neighborhood, so i thought nothing of leaving the windows on my car cracked open to avoid a stuffy car in the morning.

and then it rained. more. lots. thunder and lightening, and it was lovely to watch, and i completely forgot the car was open.

i got to drive Little Small to school whilst sitting on a trash bag that i pulled out of the back seat (don't ask, i don't know either), and then to my interview, in full monkey regalia, whilst sitting on a towel, and praying when i got there that there wasn't towel lint on my jacket.

i'm telling you, freakin' genius. ;)

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

okay, lessee... working backwards, more or less:

laundry is done, Little Small has his outfit for tomorrow (because he wears mom clothes back to her house), The Dane has what he needs for work, all the boys (LS, The Dane and strat) have all been fed, watered and seen off to bed, everyone had reasonable dinners, several games of Othello were played, football was tossed around, i cleaned the trunk of my car in preparation for tomorrow, Boy1 and Boy2 were chaufferred from place to place (one can't drive, the other prefers to save on parking... i leave it as an exercise to the reader to discern which boy went nowhere today ;) ), much fun was had at the local watering hole (which no longer means my favorite bar, but instead the pond at the local state park), including a visit to the ice cream truck which trundled around at an opportune time just after lunch, as well as a good stretch of time where i got to be the Human Launching Pad™ for his cannonball efforts, lunches were made and packed (tip o' the hat to a friend who demonstrated that cooked hot dogs travel just fine, thankyouverymuch), i caught up with sis who is off to Japan (kudos to her for snagging a grant to get her there and back, because she rocks), spent some time talking with Chica, arranged for various and sundry boat activities for tomorrow (and again, i'll be the chauffer, which is all fine), Othello happened over breakfast (and i can't tell you how thrilled i am that LS is interested in strategy/board games at this point, and *good* at them, too), i designed and printed a certificate of excellence for LS last night before bed, because he had his debut performance at the school's talent show (two magic tricks, to much applause), bills and paperwork have been addressed, arangements for parties and trips and events have been made, i've been to job fairs and interviews this week.... oh, there's so much i've forgetting. as Calvin would observe, the days are just packed.

and my doctor made an interesting observation recently, which bears much pondering: there's the child's age, and the parent's age. not the chronological age of the person, but the age of their stint as a parent. by that reckoning, i'm the parent of a one-year old. and it's an interesting way to look at where i am these days. more on all of that later, as well as a gargantuan post on various other ponderings that's been brewing for a while. but the nut of that is: there's a lot going on developmentally, both for LS and for me. yes, hubby is part of it, for sure, and going thru his own evolution as a divorced dad who has remarried. but in some ways, as a parent, he's miles ahead because he's been there from the start.

all of this is to say, i suppose, that it's no wonder i'm wiped out at the end of the day. :) no plea for sympathy there, because it's all stuff that i've either willingly taken on, or see as a gift. just the observation that life can be a full time job, and i don't think we often give ourselves enough credit for that. so, pat yourself on the back, and let me know how your weekend went. :)

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