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Saturday, April 2, 2005

it's been a long time since there was talk of bidding goodbye to a Pope, and selecting a new one.

last few times around, i remember reading the coverage in Time magazine, and being fascinated by the process (conclaves? secret votes? white smoke? what was all of this?), more than by the people involved. then there was a new Pope, who barely had time to sit on the chair. and then, in rapid succession, it happened all over again.

this time, it feels more personal, in the sense of it being about a real person. i'm not Catholic, but i have an appreciation for John Paul II, and his efforts (catholic) to reach outside of the Church, while still running the Catholic Church. while i disagreed with him on many points, he made every effort to be humanitarian in the way he understood the word. and, as many newscasts have pointed out, he was certainly instrumental in changing the landscape of Communist countries - not something i would have seen or appreciated without the observation of others, but certainly rings true.

more than that, the last month or so he seemed to be very human, and very tired. before the extent of his illness became apparent, i had hoped he might exercise his right to step down, and have one last rest in the countryside. it seemed the least he deserved.

peace be with you, Karol.

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Friday, April 1, 2005

*growl* i had a lovely post the other day, a few pages long.

you know what happened, right? mmmph. 'blogger ate my post.' sort of like the dog and the homework, but truer, and more frustrating.

i'm hoping to find the energy and time, on a nice rainy afternoon tomorrow, to rewrite it all. for now, i'm going to snuggle with my husband on the couch, because that's about all the energy i have (we've both been sick much of the week). couch snuggling is always good. :)

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