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Saturday, December 18, 2004

we be hitched.  :)

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Friday, December 17, 2004

note to self:

when slashing a cross in the top of the loaf of brown bread, remember to remove thumb from path of knife. (yes, i'm fine, but there was a close moment there.)

i spent some time today making a few loaves of brown bread, and while i was puttering around the kitchen cleaning up, i thought about this fun little game that we've discovered recently, The Dane and i, that i've affectionately nicknamed 'Eating for the Apocalypse'.

there are all sorts of weird ramifications to being unemployed that i'd just never considered. the first one i found was how very tired you are, when it all sinks in. i've been napping like a madwoman, and have seen no reason not to give in to the urge when it strikes.

(sidenote: my freakshow of a cat is doing his level best to sneak up on a twist tie and slaughter it. he keeps walking away from it, and washing a paw, as if the twist tie will somehow forget it's being stalked, then flip himself around in some sort of gymnastic pretzel to land squarely on top of it. he is, truly, an odd one.)

there have been a few others (many relating to self esteem) that aren't completely unexpected, but are certainly new for me. and then there's the game. Eating for the Apocalypse.

one of the first things i did after the layoff was go on a bargain shopping binge and stock the kitchen as if we were about to be sealed in a bunker for a prolonged period. and i've been bargain hunting since then. it feels good to save money, and to have food in the house. but when the stocks appear to dwindle (because, oh, i dunno, we're eating them), i start to panic. 'what do you mean i don't have food for 50 on hand? where's the bread? WHERE'S THE BREAD?!!??'

shopping has become fraught with tension, as i try not to think about all the things we shouldn't try to afford right now, but which look like the things that i need to have right now. dinner has also become an interesting experience, because i don't want to see any food on the plates when we're done. and restaurants or take out? The Dane and i were running an errand yesterday, and drove by a Boston Market. neither of us was all that hungry, and we knew we had food at home. but right then, at that instant, both of us wanted a chicken from there more than anything.

it's such an odd thing, this mindscape. we're not going to starve, we're not poor, we've got food, we've got prospects... and yet. Eating for the Apocalypse - because you never know when the world might come to an end.

in more cheerful/interesting news, we're gearing up for Christmas. (damn - how did the year get away from us?) we've got a lovely tree set up at home, which Little Small helped pick out last weekend. it took us a few days to get it set up inside, and then when LS was back with us, we decorated. i think it looks rather spiffing:

our pretty little tree

(the item crowning our tree is a Santa that LS made last year. his head fell off, and we apparently glued it on backwards, because when i pointed out that we just put a bit stick up Santa's butt, LS announced that it didn't matter anyway, because Santa's head was on his butt (which is how backwards translated for him). out of the mouths of babes...)

also, this past Sunday, The Dane and i went to the annual tree lighting on Old Ironsides. it was a really fun experience; i'm surprised more people weren't there, since it's free and pretty accessible. however, it all worked out for us. we got to tour the ship, listen to the local chorale sing, witness the flag ceremony and the cannon firing at sunset, see the tree lighting, have hot cocoa and cookies (made, donated and served by the unofficial 'mom' of the ship, who was quite sweet), and tour the whole ship - every deck was open to explore. we walked all the way down to the sole of the ship, which was mondo cool. a few pictures:

the USS Constitution after sunset

the Christmas tree on Old Ironsides

the sunset ceremony was impressive, but the funniest thing was the little boy behind us. 'hey, where'd the cannon go?' his dad explained that they don't use real cannon, just gunpowder. 'man, what a ripoff! no cannon!' heh. :) all in all, quite a nice night.

now, if i can just get organized for the rest of the holiday... ;)

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Monday, December 13, 2004

unconscious mutterings:

Plot:: twist
Farce:: Ben Jonson
Unexpected:: surprises
Siren:: mermaid
Ben:: jamin
Freshman:: fifteen
Quicksand:: ROUS
24 hours:: not enough time
Spunky:: redhead
Vicious:: rumour

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