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Friday, November 12, 2004

Nature abhors a vacuum. so would, it appears, my skillet.

see, i was being all organized last night, doing laundry, sorting papers, and cooking up a few dinners to make sure nothing went over and that my guys had plenty of good food while i'm gone this weekend. by the time i was done with all that, the skillet was pretty roasty toasty. so i put it, and the lid, in the sink.

perhaps you can see where this is going. i certainly didn't. ;)

i ran some cool water over the skillet and lid. at this point, the lid is on the skillet. and in mere seconds, it was even more firmly on there. hot skillet + well-fitting lid + cool water over said arrangement = vacuum. hrm.

so i decide to run water over the whole contraption, thinking (not too clearly, i might add, since it was late and i was loopy) that cooling down everything would resolve the issue. nope. just adhered the lid ever more tightly. i put the pan down, figured it would cool off inside as well if i let it sit for a while, and turn around to putter elsewhere, putting stuff away.

about 20 seconds later, it sounded like someone fired off a starter pistol in my sink.

you may have guessed what was going on, but i was completely unprepared, and mightily amused, by the sight of my stainless steel skillet lid completely inverted. i called The Dane over to giggle about it, and he just shook his head, biting back the laughter, and saying that he guessed he knew what his project for the weekend was going to be.

hey, at least it wasn't stuck anymore, right? ;)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

oh, i like a website with a sense of humor. ;)

i went to see if i'd paid a (long overdue, if outstanding) parking ticket that surfaced while cleaning my car recently. when i typed in the ticket number, the page that came back telling me there was a zero balance had this at the end of the url: inputAction.doh.

heh. made me laugh out loud, on a day where i could really use a laugh.

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Sunday, November 7, 2004

unconscious mutterings:

Small Talk:: painful
Evidence:: hearing
Drifting:: asea
Hostage:: crisis
Beauty:: skin deep
Automatic:: for the people
Asking for it:: no defense
Visene:: Ben Stein
No strings attached:: free lunch
Frizz:: ease

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