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Friday, April 30, 2004

i've been thinking some more about the draft.

since i posted about the bills introduced in the House and Senate, i've been trying to figure out why there isn't more discussion out there.

[side note: of course, since this caught my attention, i've heard little dribs and drabs here and there, generally along the lines of 'what draft? we're not considering that.' go figure.]

is it because the topic isn't under active consideration at the moment? as i understand it, the bills have been given over the DOD and Committee on Armed services for comment. until they come back, there's nothing to be acted on yet. so... if the bills aren't on the floor, then there's nothing to do? perhaps that's reasonable; if nothing comes of it, then why worry? on the other hand, it seems to me that now is exactly the time to let your elected representative know how you feel about the idea.

or maybe it's just too big and scary an idea. i don't mean that in a flip or condescending way - it *is* a big, scary idea that my niece, your son, his cousin, her best friend, or you might be sent to fight. and with fighting comes death. and that's hardly something i'm eager to consider. given the current noise about honoring those who have already fallen - seems some media outlets aren't too keen on it, because it's too partisan (huh?) - seems that others are having problems with it, too.

so what do you think? is it likely that the draft will be reinstated? what do you think of the motivations behind it? and should this get more coverage, or not?

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caught a few minutes of the double header on the news last night, and thought 'can i be seeing that right?'

lo and behold, it's true! my boy is back with the Sox! whoo hoo!

this is how i know i'm getting more hooked on the game - i actually took the time to figure out what DFA meant when Daubach was sent down to the PawSox a few weeks ago. (directed for assignment. yeah, i didn't know, either.) i was a little disappointed to hear that, because i really wanted him to make the roster this year. but hey, at least he only went as far as Pawtucket, right? we could always catch a game down there.

and then, the news. they've bought his contract, and he's on the roster in Boston. yay!! *does Happy Dance* love me some Daubach, that's for sure. he won my heart a few years back in one of the Series games, where he just kept plugging until he got a hit, and a good one at that. but it wasn't just the end result - no, it was the expression on his face on about the third foul. he thought it was good, and the look on his face when he heard the call was one of 'whhhhhh.....huh? man oh man... alright, let's do it this time.' that's pretty much the best kind of player, i think.

man... i might actually have to get tickets for Fenway now. ;)

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

an unabashed promo for one of my favorite organizations:

if you're looking for a different way to recognize and thank your mom this year, and help out other moms, check out the calendar over at Community Servings. for a small donation, your mom gets a personalized card and some Godiva chocolates, and another mom gets a week or two weeks worth of meals. it's a great way to help honor and thank your mom, and help make a difference for others!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

i'll admit, it doesn't take much to confuse me before i've had any caffeine. but you tell me - does this make sense?

Overstocks for Women

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go on, take a look. you know you're curious. and much to my surprise, it *is work safe. ;)

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


did anyone else know that S.89 and H.R.163, collectively known as Universal National Service Act of 2003, were working their way thru Congress?

that's right, the reintroduction of the draft. yeah, neither did i. i know i don't always follow the latest and greatest news, but seems to me that there should be a little more discussion and cage rattling than appears to be happening about this.

i, for one, am not happy about the possibility that kids i know could be plucked out of school* and sent off to fight.

let me be clear: this is not an objection to armed forces, or those who choose to serve. i'm a little on the fence about the idea of a draft, and fairly well opposed to our current military actions, but i take no issue with those who serve our country.

no, what gets me is the lack of dicussion. shouldn't this be a bigger deal than a back page mention in a Boise, Idaho paper?

please, do discuss. ;)

*yes, i read the text of both bills, and no, they don't really get plucked out of school mid-term, but unless you're a conscientious objector, there's no way around it - end of term, start of service. and from what i hear, Canada has already agreed to extradite conscientious objectors, and Mexico may not be far behind.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

i'll admit, it's a bit of a tease: say that i'm back, then disappear for three days. sorry. ;)

but energy is funny in the way that it works. as i come back around to a place where i not only need to write, but can and am able to, and want to, and feel like i have something to say, all the other parts of my life have their own active energies.

i've spent the last few days driving around, and it's been all about doing for others. which is good, and wonderful, and i'm happy to do... but doesn't leave much keyboard time. there are stories that come out of that, and they'll be up here soonish.

meantimes, i'm still nosing around for a design. found one that might work, but it's a linkware template that's also being used by a far more well-known blogger than me, and while the template is share and share alike, it still feels a bit awkward to use the same one. found another that almost fit, being all garden-y, but it was too green. yeah, hard to believe anything could be too green for me, but there you have it.

there's one other i really want to use, but it has a usability issue. or, it might. i'm not sure. see, there's a marquee graphic that i adore. it's the reason i want to use the template. however, at least with the resolution i'm using, it appears to take up the whole screen, and you need to scroll to see that there's anything else to see, if you know what i mean. there's nothing on the graphic to click, or to indicate you could scroll... would this be a problem for anyone? does that make the space less inviting? do you want to see words or some sort of navigation aid right off the bat? i know it's only a problem at some resolutions, but since i don't know which ones, that's been enough to keep me from diving in whole hog.

what say you? how much does it matter what the place looks like?

(and have you gotten outside to enjoy the sun today?)

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because a quiz every once in a while is fun...

Doing it Greek style since 356 BC.
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How spiffing! You're Alexander the Great!

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You were always really in love with your boyhood friend, Hephaestion, and when he died you were grief-stricken to a legendary degree: convinced that he would live on after death, you passed away soon afterwards.

(courtesy of chaos factor)

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