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Friday, December 12, 2003

the friday five:

1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays?

hm. do i enjoy cold weather? lemme think about that for a minute...no. :) actually, while i don't generally enjoy cold weather, things would feel wrong if there weren't seasons (cold, wet, hot, all that jazz). and the idea of wearing shorts on Christmas doesn't sit well with me. so while enjoy perhaps isn't the right word, Christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas without a little snow and a little snap in the air.

2. What is your ideal holiday celebration? How, where, with whom would you celebrate to make things perfect?

time spent with family and friends is pretty much it. perfect? ideal? not words i use around the holidays, because they just feed into my fear of not doing things perfectly, and there's enough stress around the holidays without that.

3. Do you do have any holiday traditions?

a few personal ones: i go to a Christmas Eve service at Trinity, because all the warmth and candles and love and music makes me happy, and i try to listen to Dylan Thomas reading A Child's Christmas in Wales. sometimes the second happens with my best friend's family, sometimes it's just me in the car listening on tape. other than that, i've learned to be a lot more flexible as people move, marry, have kids, move again... the constant is always family, although the trappings change.

4. Do you do anything to help the needy?

yep; donating food and toys to those who need them, at least. some years i'm able to do more, like help out at a fundraiser, and some years less, but always something. [insert clichè about season of giving, because it's true.]

5. What one gift would you like for yourself?

oh... geez. i dunno. honestly can't think of anything off the top of my head. my family hates shopping for me for just this reason. i don't need or want a lot of stuff. mostly, i'd like some time, and patience, and motivation... or, as The Dane said the other day, 'i'd like to give you a big box of happy.'

fine, how's this: a vacation to Hawaii. i'd like to go there someday, and have the idea that it will take me years to get there. if the tickets were all nicely giftwrapped and tucked in my stocking, then the odds would be better, wouldn't they? ;)

side note: while pulling up the link for Trinity, i thought i'd made a mistake, or there was something wrong with my computer, because i'd been at a Tolkein-related site immediately before, and here was the site for my church, saying that the Reverend would be lecturing on the importance of The Lord of the Rings. must be a mistake, i thought - but it wasn't. my minister is doing a two part lecture series on the continuing importance of Tolkein and Lord of the Rings. have i mentioned i love my church?

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Tuesday, December 9, 2003

things i am thankful for today:

my sweetie, who is ever patient.
being able to find my wallet, which went briefly AWOL last night.
the concern and sympathy offered by the clerk at the moment i discovered said wallet missing.
having the flexibility to donate to a local shelter. (oh, yeah - don't think deals weren't made when the wallet took a trip.)
having a very pretty little Christmas tree covered in very pretty little ornaments.
being able to scale a huge snowdrift (because i wanted to) by stomping out little steps, and not getting too much snow inside my boots in the process.
family and friends being safe and well.
pretty, fluffy new lilac towels and matching bath mat, which pretty up the bathroom and which are nummy.
feeling a little more centered, at least today.

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Monday, December 8, 2003

looking for a gift idea for that difficult someone this holiday season?

that sort of thing is on my brain tonight, as i'm finally going to sit down and compile Lists for the Holidays, so i don't lose what's left of my sanity. in an effort to be helpful to others who may be involved in a similar effort, i offer you this: the Shot Glass Drinking Chess Set. "[A]ny clash involving Absinthe should really be left to the Grandmasters." heh. :)

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Sunday, December 7, 2003

way too much snow. unless, of course, this is the quota.

y'think, mayhaps, that this is all the snow for the season? nah. neither did i. but a girl can hope. :)

i'm also hoping that the ass hat who parked across my driveway and the neighbors (we sort of share a driveway) and *left it there* in the snow, meaning that once i dig out my car, i still can't get out, figures out how to get his car out before i get back. 'cuz i will start in the back of the house, dig up to the front of his car, and then call a tow truck. i'll be damned if i shovel out his big ass, fin sporting, drug toting, ugly as sin hunk of metal pimp mobile for him. i'll move it, all right, just not with a shovel.

can you tell this guy irritates me?

anyhoo... ass hat aside, the day has been okay. The Dane and i are hanging out with Chica today, making brandied chocolate cupcakes, watching bad TV, and generally entertaining each other. not a bad way to spend a snowy afternoon.

and on the Cat Debacle front - there may still be a hampster. but, in a small miracle of sorts, she apologized for her behaviour to The Dane, in front of Little Monkey Boy. hopefully, this will ease things a bit all the way around.

ohhhhh... gotta run. timer just went off, kitchen smells like brandy and chocolate, and there's a tub of chocolate buttercream frosting (i swear they put crack in that shit) calling my name. la la la la la.... :)

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unconscious mutterings:

1. Blizzard:: flurry
2. J:: is for jello
3. Control:: freak
4. Blood:: serum
5. Mysterious:: ailment
6. Annoying:: pesty
7. Throat:: ear and nose
8. Condom:: inspiration
9. Search:: warrant
10. Heartfelt:: sincere

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a few mugs of tea, some gingersnaps, and a blues show later, i'm feeling calmer. also, productive.

i finally got around to messing with some photos that The Dane took for me of my craft project. oh - whoops! should have warned you to make sure you were sitting down before i said that, shouldn't i? ;) yep, i had me a certified Martha Moment ™ last week.* i know. who'da thunk?

that shopping trip to Michaels craft store started as a hunt for a smock (surprisingly difficult to find a good one), and turned into both me and The Dane going 'oooo, pretty! shiny! want!'. among the acquisitions for me were a sewing kit, a sweatshirt, a small Christmas stocking, and a very small bear. home again, home again, and let the crafting begin! voìla — a one of a kind, nearly designer Christmas sweatshirt for Little Monkey Boy. the sweatshirt comes with quite possibly the cutest Christmas bear ever, handily attached to the loop on the stocking, so there's hope the bear won't go AWOL immediately.

* lest you think i have completely lost my mind, rest assured i've only partially lost it. for those of you who know my loathing for All Things Martha, it was really more of a Julia Child moment, as several glasses of wine were involved. miracle of miracles, i still managed to sew the stocking to only the front of the sweatshirt.

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