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Friday, May 30, 2003

how many fishies in the sea (in the sea)?

oh, i can't even remember what song that's from... anyway, The Dane and i are taking Little Man to see Finding Nemo tonight. so i've been scouting around, checking out reviews, just to see what the film is all about. never a bad thing to be prepared, right? well, here's what i found in the Globe review for Nemo:

Eyes bugging with fishy anxiety, Marlin is an overprotective single dad to Nemo (Alexander Gould), and given that we've seen a barracuda make short work of Nemo's mom in the opening scenes -- what is it with Disney releases and mothers? -- he has every right to be worried.

and it got me to thinking that someone recently wrote up a pretty comprehensive list of Disney films and mothers. (can't remember where i saw it; anyone? anyone? Bueller?) moms do seem to get pretty short shrift in their films. i'm sure there's a deep interpretation somewhere in there, and i can't be bothered to find it just now, but it does bear some later pondering, i think.

anyway, the reviews are pretty good so far, and it should be fun. oh, also? we're going for seafood first. ;)

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

yay! yippee! whoo hoo!

i have tickets! i have tiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccckkketsssss! *does insane happy dance*

i have 6 tickets for opening night in Boston for Eddie's newest tour, Sexie!

yippee!!! yayyyyyy! (i'm starting to feel like the 'you've got mail' puppet...)

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hm. not sure what to make of this one.

my dad sent me a link to this: Orion: The Magazine of Culture, Creativity & Change. now, that's all well and good, except that off the bat, i'm disinclined to like anyone or thing quoting Garrison Keillor. sorry, just don't like the man or his show. and what article, exactly, did he want me to read? the one on food additives creating Republicans? i will say that the bit on the Apostle Islands is intriguing, altho the headline made me jump. apostles? is dad getting religion? what?

did i mention all this landed in my inbox before coffee this morning? ;)

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oh, how could i not...

Swiss, Swedish, Danish or Dutch?

(courtesy of jenn, who's redesigned her site, and was inspired by Book of Styles, and that got me curious enough to check out Firda, who actually had a link to Art or Crap?, which is also amusing.)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

i'm tellin' ya, he's been spying in my office. to wit: FORTRAN.

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'you can't get theah from heah.' or: ruminations on transportation.

what got me thinking about it, i guess, was driving in to work this morning. as i pulled up at one of the regular traffic lights, window rolled down to take in the (relatively) balmy day, i had to duck my head so the driver next to me didn't see me laughing at them. see, their blown muffler (at least, i'm hoping it wasn't an intentional 'enhancement' on the Jeep) made me think of nothing so much as that car ad playing lately - 'that thing gotta hemi?' *snort*

i suppose the sheer amount of driving i did this past weekend guaranteed that i'd run into a number of idiots proportional to time on the road. but really. a few refreshers: *that* would be a Don't Walk light - as in, do not, should not, really very much highly not recommended, no exceptions, not even for your overprivileged ass. *this* (pointing vigorously with both hands) would be the front end of my car. and *that* (gesticulating wildly at this point) would be a YIELD sign.

and then i got to thinking about cyclists in the city. as much as i get aggravated by those who don't wear helmets, and geniuses like the kid the other night who pedalled nearly into the front of my car - because he was in my lane, as it made talking to his friend who was driving in the opposite direction more convenient - mostly, it just seems like a rough gig all around. i mean, the roads are barely big enough for the cars; there's one street i take on the way home, nominally two way, where i regularly have to pull into parking spots (uphill, in second) to let oncoming traffic past me. and if that's the case, where's the bike supposed to go? no big pronouncement, just some sympathy for those who choose to get around under pedal power and the observation that there are far too few bike lanes.

but pretty much, all of it pales in comparison to this: Dead man's car slams into station. that, my friends, is just about the worst day you can have.

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unconscious mutterings:

Badminton:: Hamptons
Obsessive compulsive :: washing hands
Prosthetics:: glass eye
Sophistication:: eurotrash
Hiphop :: baggy pants
Stammering:: nervousness
Property taxes:: burden
Lowrider:: hasta la vista
Blowtorch:: creme brulee
Formality:: hassle

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

still ugly:

what the Honda Element wants to be when it grows up.

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much exhaustion. i feel like i need a vacation from my vacation (if a three day weekend counts as a vacation).

quick recap of weekend:

friday - panic and peanut butter cookies.
saturday - lots of driving, plenty of play time, met the ex wife, more driving, working in the freezing cold down at the tent.
sunday - lots of driving, working on the boat (nearly done!), quick outing to hear a friend's band, and dessert.
monday - baked dessert (Chocolate Eclipse from Molly Katzen), driving in the rain, cookout of sorts, saw The Matrix Reloaded (finally), and plenty of nightmares.

managed to fit a lot into this weekend, but still didn't manage to find time for everything, like laundry and phone calls and sleep. and how was your weekend?

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