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Saturday, January 11, 2003

oh, today already seems like a better day.

went to bed very early, so i woke up before the alarm. it's sunny outside - always good. forecast is for cold, but no snow - also good. i'm getting a little tired of shoveling out my car every damn morning.

i have an outfit for the company party tonight, one that didn't break the bank. i had gotten a lovely one at Ann Taylor, but even on sale, i just can't see paying that much for an outfit i'll only wear for 5 or 6 hours. it's a lovely outfit, and i want to keep it, but it cost nearly as much as my wedding dress. yes, it makes me look like a 1930s movie star. but still. so back it goes, and i have a lovely dress that will do just fine, thankyouverymuch.

and i'm off to have lunch today with a few lovely women, with generous amounts of pho for good measure. ;)

now, if i can just fit in all of the girlie things i need to do today (hair and nails and all that hooha - how do people find the time to do this shit every day?), then life will be good. eh, life is good anyway. i'll just look presentable. ;)

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Friday, January 10, 2003

g'wan. go vote. you know you want to. :)

go vote over at Comedy Central for the Stand-Up Showdown (clever name, isn't it? wonder if that was a 3 in the morning decision). and not that i'm trying to influence *your vote, but you know who i voted for, right? ;)

any way you slice it, there's a lot of funny over there, and plenty of video clips to keep you distra... productive at work.

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Thursday, January 9, 2003

all right, all right... how about something a bit lighter?

how about Fortune's list of the oddest jobs? it's part of their article on the best companies to work for, and i'll admit, i got a bit sidetracked. coffee educator, i can see. toilet doctor? that's in a whole 'nother realm. ;)

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it's amazing how the 'net connects us all.

without it, i'd never have met Oolong, an oddly talented and very adorable rabbit. sadly, no more pancakes for Oolong. (there are plenty of happy pictures, too, so if you haven't met Oolong, stop by.)

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sorry if i've been a bit quiet here. it's just that i'm not sure what to say.

various things have been dumped on my plate lately. and it's not as if i have the roughest life in the world. i don't. but i am feeling overwhelmed. i feel like battening down the hatches for the oncoming storm.

i don't want to complain. and things aren't ready to be talked about, not just yet. and it feels a bit disingenous to post random quips, just to have something here. so i'm struggling with what to say, if anything.

January is always a bit like this, isn't it?

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Wednesday, January 8, 2003

via many hands, most lately from tanya:

If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!? tanya pointed this out over on The Porch. warning: there's a high spit factor on some of these. i've only read the first two pages or so, and my keyboard is a little damp. ;)

and it is most certainly worth following the link from the first page of discussion thru to the movie version, starring Humphrey Bogart and Marlene Deitrich. stunning. and funny.

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ah, the beauty of a random link. :)

feeling lucky, i clicked on 'random blog' (nifty feature of blogrolling and came across steve's site. and he's thoughtfully provided some tips on searching with Google. it's good to learn something new every day.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2003

this time of year is always a bit dingy. cold, more cold, not much sun, cold, no holidays, cold.

fortunately, monkey has been kind enough to point out that we do have groundhog day to look forward to, and explains how to predict the weather using a groundhog. ;)

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courtesy of erika -

this very clever entry: 34 Paragraphs about 182 Bloggers. some of my regular reads are in there, and i suspect a few soon to be added. had to read it twice or so, to get the story and to check the names. ;)

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now why on god's green earth would you pick a fight with Penn Jillette?

doesn't seem very bright to me. but that's essentially what airport security chose to do. god love'm, he insisted that they call in the police so he could report an assault.

[file this under 'stretching a pedestrian'.]

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the thing is? i think this looks kind of nifty.

Extreme Ironing. *shakes head* you just have to go look. (and thanks to peggy for tipping me to this one.)

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first This or That for the new year.

1. "Time" or "Newsweek"?

Time, for no particular reason other than my parents always had it around the house when i was growing up.

2. "Wall Street Journal" or "National Enquirer"?

WSJ. i generally nick the copy in our lobby when i do read it.

3. "Sports Illustrated" or "Cook's Illustrated"?

both. i'm more apt to pick up Cook's Illustrated, but have been known to knock back a few issues of SI in my time. freaks the boys out.

4. "Martha Stewart Living" or "MAD Magazine"?

neither. hate, hate, hate Martha with a passion. hate her. she's the Barbie doll of homemaking - completely unrealistic standards to which we are expected to adhere. read MAD when i was growing up, haven't seen it in ages. altho i do dig MAD TV.

5. "Cosmopolitan" or "Maxim"?

Vanity Fair or GQ. don't think i've ever picked up a copy of Maxim. we used to do the quizzes in Cosmo when we were bored on our shifts over at the theatre. worth about 5 minutes of entertainment, not $5 worth.

6. "People" or "Entertainment Weekly"?

People. it's my guilty pleasure. ;)

7. "National Geographic" or "Readers Digest"?

National Geographic. i plowed thru every copy i could find when i was a kid. if i subscribed to magazines, i might do that one.

8. "Good Housekeeping" or "Popular Mechanics"?

Good Housekeeping, i suppose. but i generally only pick up the seasonal issues, when i'm looking for some nifty and inexpensive ideas.

9. "PC World" or "MacWorld"?

neither. i'm a Mac user, so you'd think i'd pick the second. but really, i have no use for industry chatter.

10. "Southern Living" or "Yankee"?

i've read both, worked for the second, don't pick up either regularly. altho i do have an issue of Southern Living from last year with some excellent Christmas cookie recipes; that one made the archives.

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Monday, January 6, 2003

more later, probably in the journal...

[not so small sidebar: how is it that we start as journallers, and get sidetracked by blogging, or vice versa? interesting question about how you want to put your identity out there... and more at 11. *g*]

but for now: i got stanzi's ashes back today.

it wasn't as if i didn't expect it. and it's not like i don't know she's gone. it was still very disconcerting. nothing like having 15 years of your life boiled down to a 3 ounce package.

i had a dream about this the other night. in my dream, i said to her, 'well, it's a bit odd that this is the first time you'll be in my office.' and oddly (altho, if you'd been there for Max, you'd get this), i looked at the tin and thought, 'well, that would make a nice cookie tin.'

please don't think that i don't miss her. i do. every day. it's just... highly pragmatic. i want to bury her ashes somewhere meaningful. i have no idea where that might be. so the next few months will be spent thinking about where she had a good life, and where she might want to be. and once i do that, the tin doesn't mean anything.

erm. if i ever offer to mail you cookies? never fear. the tin is staying somewhere in my house. :)

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diarist award nominations are open for this quarter - sound your voice!

i know there are a myriad of opinions about awards. i think the diarist ones are pretty cool. if you read journals, if you keep one, if you've read a good entry or love a site - please offer your voice. these are the 'net equivalent of the Peoples' Choice Awards. we all get to nominate, we all get to vote. and you get to find some pretty cool people in the process. :)

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prompt from blogfodder: favorite part of your daily routine?

i'd have to say standing in the shower in the morning. it's my quiet time, where i can get started thinking about the day, meditate on whatever is burbling around in my brain, and let the hot water pound out all the problems. i've gotten very used to having this as my most private time. not as if there are a lot of distractions when living alone, but in there, not even the cat can pest me. it's truly all my time, and it's the most valued part of my day.

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y'know... sometimes, being a responsible adult rots.

it would be much more fun to let other people make the responsible decisions, and be free to nap and watch cartoons.

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Sunday, January 5, 2003

yeah,yeah. i'm a day late with the Saturday Eight. (ooo - that rhymes!)

So how was your New Year's Eve? Anything fun you did?

New Year's was quite satisfactory. no rush, no fuss, no stress. plenty of good food, fun things to do, and no resolutions.

What is/are your hope(s) for yourself this year?

hrm. good one. rather than anything specific, i hope i can keep working on the inner peace bit. that's been a journey for some time now, and i'm more content and centered than i can remember having been in some time. more progress in that direction, then.

What is/are your hope(s) for your country and the world this year?

the same sort of thing, i suppose - i desperately don't want us to go to war, because i'm not convinced it's the right way to resolve problems.

Do you expect any change in your family or society this year? What is it?

i won't be so presumptuous to say anything about society; anyway, as a group, we change more slowly than we do as individuals. i fully expect some big changes for my family (given and chosen) over the next year, some good, some not so. 'nuff said about that for now.

Is there anything or anyone you want to forget or give up this year? Why and how do you think you can do it?

good question! i think i've mentioned before - i really want to find a way to find closure on my ex boyfriend. he still has far too much of a hold on my life, and we both need to be able to move forward. of course, i can only address my side of that. will i be able to? i hope so. the closure with my exhusband took an unexpected form, one that i couldn't predict or control, so it may be much like that.

If there any resolution you made in 2002 and you didn't keep it, what it was? Are you going to still work on it this year?

no resolutions last year, not that i remember. i have a vague memory of saying i wanted to be a better, kinder person, but since i didn't write anything down, it's a big guess. i'd like to think that if that's what the resolution was, i did my best to keep it, and it's not so much an annual thing as a journey. see above. ;)

Who was the first person wishing you a Happy New Year this year?

on New Year's proper? someone in my office, i'm sure.

And who was the lucky person you kissed the first? ;)

The Dane, naturellement. the funniest bit was that none of the clocks in my house tell the proper time, so we started when the first said midnight, and went from there. we determined we'd hit midnight when a cheer went up in the next house. :)

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*blink* hi there.

yes, i actually went an entire day without turning on my computer. combined with the usual post holiday exhaustion, i found out Friday that a friend of mine is very sick. it's amazing how much sleep you can get after sobbing for an hour or two.

right. slept 14 hours straight, got up to eat, took a nap, had some juice, watched some TV, and slept some more. and with that, my entire Saturday was gone.

clearly, my body needed to hibernate for a day or two. today promises to be a little more productive. sunny day, good tunes on the radio, The Dane on his way over, and plenty of projects beckoning. *wipes tea off the keyboard* provided i don't short out the wiring, some of them might even get done. ;)

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want to avoid those annoying dinnertime calls?

well, at least in Massachusetts, there's hope. if you want your phone number on a "do not call" list for telemarketers in Massachusetts that will go into effect on April 1, 2003, call 1-866-231-2255. you can add your number to the list at any time, as long as you have a touch tone phone; if not, just call during business hours.

here's hoping this will make it a bit easier to sit down to dinner, uninterrupted.

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