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Saturday, April 12, 2008

okay, so a little spring cleaning done.

i've tidied up some of the code here. weeded out links, will get around to adding new ones in the next few days. (not unlike the gardening i wish i could be doing outside... wonder how my boss would feel if i called in 'gardening' on a sunny day, since they all seem to be mid-week.) most of it felt pretty good, the cleaning up, altho it was painful to remove the link to leslie harpold's advent calendar. here's the thing about the net: you can have friends that you haven't even met, who don't even necessarily know you but you count as part of your life.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

early morning, trying to get going... first cup of tea is sitting next to me.

i'm not a morning person. but i've gotten used to getting up early. trained myself to do it, more - i still don't like being up early. but i find that something clicks around 7 am, and if the alarm doesn't go off, i'm still up. not that early, i suppose - i know people who are up much earlier.

perfect sleeping weather last night. we left the windows open to air out the place, and snuggled under the blankets. warm snuggles, comfy pillow, and cool air - just right, and made it all the harder to get up this morning.

and it's off to little man's school for bank day (where i take money from small children), then work (retreat today, and boss is back briefly between trips), then home, and maybe a few more projects. i feel like i hit the ground running before i even get out of bed, as i'm thinking thru all of these as i lie there, trying to convince myself to emerge from under the blankets.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i've been meaning to post here for ages, and keep getting sidetracked.

how to jump back in, do i want to jump back in, oh, wait - must clean blog first, needs new layout, where are my damn archives, let's combine sites... you know the drill. ;)

so, here it is. no fanfare, just getting back into the groove of posting.

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