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Monday, January 29, 2007

i have a confession to make: Jon Stewart is no longer My TV Boyfriend.

sorry, Jon. you've been replaced.

my new TV Boyfriend is Alton Brown. he's good looking, funny, a bit of a geek, and a foodie. and just when i thought it couldn't get any better... comes his road trip. that's right - not only is he a hottie food geek, he's into motorcycles. oh, and a cinematographer with a science background. and looks *damn* hot with a little bit of stubble. and that picture of him looking all cute and yummy and like he knows a little secret, sitting there in front of the diner with his road gear on? yum. that could only be improved by the addition of leather. (did i say that out loud?)

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Monday Madness (natalie's lovely little meme which i've been very bad about doing):

1. Do you make New Year's resolutions? If so, what is your most important one?

i don't, generally, because i have a hard time scheduling important decisions. January 1 - decide something important! yeah, just doesn't work for me.

however, i did make a fairly New Year resolution, if deciding the middle of the month counts, and that is to live more consciously and mindfully this year. deciding how and where to spend money, and even if to spend it at all, how to give back... eh. it's a whole big post that's brewing. the links in the sidebar under 'mindful' should give you a hint as to where i'm headed these days, tho.

2. Easter is coming. Many Christians give up something for Lent. Do you give something up for any reason (or season)? What is it this year?

in the past, i've tried to take something on. sacrifice for the sake of personal penitence doesn't seem especially meaningful to me. taking on something (volunteering at a soup kitchen, for example) rings truer to my sense of Lent, which is about reflecting on what it means to be christian, and how you choose to put that into practice.

this year, i don't know if i have it in me to take on anything else. i'm not sure what i'll do. maybe just revisit my schedule and book in time for family one night a week.

3. Do you watch the Super Bowl? If so, do you watch it with a group? If not, what do you do while the game is on? Anything special?

what sport is that again? ;) seriously, been to one game party in my life, and that was enough.

4. Would you miss Monday Madness if it stopped permanently?

yes! :)

5. Name at least one theme for MM questions. Share at least one question for that theme.

hobbies. what's the most unusual hobby you have? and how did you get started with it?

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