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Friday, January 19, 2007

and here's what it comes down to, some days, if you're a stepparent:

we didn't just get family. we got Family DefCon3.

Family 1.0, you sign up for spouse, in-laws, awkward holiday negotiations. Family 1.5, you have kids, and the negotiations get more interesting. ;) Family 2.1, you've survived graduations, driver's license, in-laws, and every dang holiday. and you've made it up the learning curve.

Family DefCon3 - there is no learning curve. there is only survival mode. you are tossed bodily into the entire damn mess.

[note: i *adore* where i'm at these days, and love my hubby, and love my kid. there are some things about the situation that have nothing to do with my most immediate family.]

FDC3. yep. that's my life these days. ;)

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

yeah, jumping back in here with a meme is sorta lame. y'know what? my blog. ;)

(that said, there is a lot happening, and much i want to write about on resolutions. still cogitating on that one...)

for now, 10 on Tuesday, quite blatantly lifted from the ever-lovely jen (who hopefully doesn't have another migraine tomorrow).

10 things you do well.

1) worry
2) cook, and bake
3) play Trivial Pursuit
4) also, cribbage
5) analyze issues and problems
6) be loyal to friends
7) garden, at least outside (indoor plants are still a mystery)
8) learn - i think i'm a pretty good student
9) admit my mistakes
10) appreciate the goodness in my life

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