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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


driving back to the office this afternoon, making familiar trails along a favorite road, i have the radio turned up just enough that it takes all my focus. i can't think of anything other than the music. on comes stone roses, and i'm singing along with waterfall...

she'll carry on through it all
she's a waterfall

and i'm driving, and singing, and outside my own head, and in the moment.

and as i'm singing, i think of a comment from a show i listened to this weekend: 'sound is touch, from a distance.'

they talked about how music resonates for us, and more than that, how there are some universal melodies in our speech: how we speak, particularly to children, in tones that communicate love, reassurance, remonstrance, and praise. four universal melodies.

i drive along, singing and humming, outside myself for a while, reassured by the melodies and words that i hear, and consider that sound is touch, from a distance.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

some seasonal visuals:

check out kenneth's gallery of snowflake images. amazingly beautiful.


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