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Thursday, November 16, 2006

i freakin' *love* this band.

i mean, they have a tap dancer as their percussion session - how cool is that?

and i love wers, for turning me on to Tilly and The Wall, among other bands. plus, their daytime lineup rocks, and they have an a capella show on the weekends. hubby, in fact, knew about that show, and so he's the one who hooked me up with the radio love. MedSm calls it 'that cat song channel', because there's a song about cats that he loves on the kid show.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

seasonal bonus post of the day, with linkage:

(i would use glitter, but, i have another week before i get my glitter privledges reinstated after the incident with the cat, the spray glue and the multicolored glitter.)

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and because i'm thinking about food (typing this up while i eat lunch at my desk), a recipe of sorts.

it's not really a *recipe*, per se, more of a guideline. if you're not into improvisation in the kitchen, this may not be for you. ;)

in the interest of saving money on our grocery bill, we've been eating pasta with red sauce pretty frequently - once a week or so. and that's all fine, but boy howdy does plain sauce and pasta get boring after a while. i don't often have the time to make a really good sauce from scratch, and i'm not about buying the gore-may sauces at $5 a bottle (see above, cutting grocery bill). so, what's a poor foodie to do? improvise!

1. see fennel sausage on sale at grocery; feel brief flash of inspiration
2. buy said sausage, as well as some nice onions and a red bell pepper
3. heat up some olive oil in a pan, some water in another pan
4. finely dice onion and pepper, toss into pan with olive oil
5. chop 3 sausage into bite sized pieces, add to pan with onion and pepper
6. throw interestingly shaped pasta into pan with water
7. dump jar of cheap red sauce (but not Ragu, it's too watery) in with sautè items
8. doctor the sauce with perhaps some Italian seasoning, maybe fresh parsley if you have it, a splash of red wine or balsamic vinegar or sherry
9. grate some cheese
10. drain pasta, dump into pan with olive oil (and, now, other things), stir well, and serve with grated cheese

it's amazing what a little creative sauce doctoring can do. you'd think i'd taken the boys to Little Italy, the way they raved over dinner! ;)

also, i'm nearly finished reorganizing my recipe binders. the project damn near like to have killed me (okay, tad dramatic, but it wasn't fun, damn it). however, the results are worth it.

rather than leafing thru three years of recipes hoping to hit the one i want, i now have a binder each for seafood, bird, pig bits, vegetarian, snacks and sandwiches, and menus and desserts. and they're roughly organized by flavor (mexican, italian, etc) using whole bits (fish filet, for example), then next ground bits (hamburger), then crock pot recipes. ah, the crock pot... i love my crock pots. so fabulous to do the prep the night before, toss things in the crock pot on my way out in the morning, and come home to a hot dinner after work.

so now, when i see chicken legs on sale, i can buy 'em, come home, grab the bird binder, and come up with two or three ideas for dinners. voila! dinner plans for the week! all done! ahhhhhh.... nice binders. go me! ;)

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

complete wimpy ass post tonight: shots of my fridge, inspired by kate.

she did the same the other night - posted fridge pictures, that is, not wimped out. :)

(sidebar: this is much more entertaining to me than thinking about politics, or school boards, or snitty backstabbing gossipers, or ramifications of divorce/MCAS/name topic here on my child. more of that later, i'm sure.)

herewith, several shots of my fridge, recently cleaned (which lead to a reasonably euphoric state for the next few days, as i could open the fridge and find food! in the right place! and identifiable!). bonus shots: top of fridge and kitchen cart, sort of the mea culpa shots where i confess that i'm really not very organized at all.

fridge shelves

fridge door

drawers in fridge

top of fridge

shite on the kitchen cart, because i think i'll use it soon, so i don't need to put it away

so... what's in your fridge?

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Monday, November 13, 2006

y'know, i'm sure i had a topic in mind - i always do. but right now? my heart is broken.

MedSm is coming up on his first year of MCAS. and he's recently started working on a website that will help him with the testing. i agree with his teacher - it's a great tool. however.

computer games hold a power over kids. and numbers also hold a power; this is the first year they're getting nuber grades, as in 78%, rather than 'good job!'. combine the two, and the effect can be lethal, especially if said student doesn't quite get the scoring algorithm, or the questions being asked.

MedSm had a breakdown tonight, because he'd worked so hard to get 100%, which he did on the last iteration of the test. but the program didn't reward him with an award. it just said 'P'. as in, 'Proficient'.

and in watching him melt down, and trying to talk him thru it, my heart shattered into a million pieces. because i remembered every time i didn't score well enough, and disappointed myself, my dad, my teacher... and i still remember the time in algebra, when Mr. Trenholm returned my test, pointed at my grade (67%), and said 'i'm disappointed. i know you know more than that.' if i could have sunk thru the floor at that instant, i would have.

he is trying so hard, MedSm is, to be a good student, and do what he needs to. and for some reason, he already thinks that failing the third grade MCAS will keep him out of college. ohmigod, the stress on these kids! i wish i could have reasoned with him, and helped him understand that it's not the end of the world. it's part of a learning process. they won't hold you back - oh, yeah, we've already had that discussion. going from figuring out math on paper to in your head, staring at a computer screen? huge leap! and not one that is made without sacrifices.

breaks my heart that he's so wound up about this. i don't want to minimize the importance of being a good student; i do want him to understand, tho, that being the best student that *he can be* is just what he should be doing.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

i'm sure i had something interesting to say earlier today.

but if i did? long gone.

i was a bit of a slug today, sleeping in, puttering, visiting with Chica Bean (honey, remind me to tell you the green olive story), and generally doing not all that much.

kate observed recently that i seem to be living life at Mach 10. and i suppose that may be true, altho i don't really see it in the moment. if i did, i might implode, so i guess it's better that i don't. she has a point, tho. most of my waking life seems to be about doing, and going, and other.

so it was nice to have a morning where i could doze, and pay attention to my breathing, and move at my own pace.

back into the upstream tomorrow.

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