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Saturday, November 11, 2006

my day:

got up, set up the soccer fields for the games.
answered emails, printed out directions.
took MedSm to his soccer game.
took MedSm home, hosed him down (the fields were a bit muddy today), put him in the car, and fed him lunch (spaghettios travel well in tupperware, it turns out).
hiked in the woods with him and his cub scout troup - for three hours.
broke down the soccer fields.
went to pick up a decade's worth of National Geographic magazines.
did the grocery shopping.
came home, unloaded groceries, made dinner.
let MedSm eat dinner out of a bowl in front of the TV because i was too damn tired for anything else.

i'll be happy when it's Monday. my weekwork is calmer than this. :)

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Friday, November 10, 2006

i'm sitting here, and thinking... how much?

i'm sitting here, surfing and listening to the incomparable Ani DiFranco, with a flute of Chardonnay by my side.

downstairs, hubby and MedSm are watching a Jerry Lewis film, and yukking it up. and they ask me to turn down the music.

and i think... Jerry Lewis v. Ani DiFranco, and would my kid even understand that, and should he be able to grasp any of that at his age, and if not now, when?

driving home today, MedSm and i were talking about reading in the car when it's dark. i can't drive with the dome light on. BioMom has a nifty little light for MedSm that doesn't interfere with the line of vision for the driver. so i ask MedSm. 'where did she get it?' 'WalMart.' beat, two, three, four... 'and Brooks!' ensuing is a discussion about why he tried to come up with an alternate store, and would it be hypocritical if i just asked BioMom to buy him an extra light, and choice, and how violence often comes from imposing your choice on others.

at the dinner table the other night, MedSm asked me 'why do they call them aliens?' whuhaaa? 'aren't aliens guys from space?' and then he said that the next time he votes (yeah, at 8, he doesn't quite have the chrono time thang down yet), he'd vote to keep them all out. and thus ensued a discussion of what alien meant, and what do you think it should take to be a citizen here, and what are the important ideas in this country, and why would anyone break that law, and what are the fundamental rights - what do you get? home? food? doctor? are those rights, or something you earn? and who gets to decide that for you?

i battle every day, trying to walk the lines amongst teaching, modeling, and telling. i try (with mixed results) to balance my view with others. i try not to come down on MedSm like a bag of wet cement. and i try to answer his questions as honestly as i can.

trying to be a good parent and model for MedSm, i often wonder: how much is enough? and if not now, when?

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i'm fairly certain my cat just ate a better dinner than me.

see, there was a little package in the mail today, a sample of some Fanci Feest Hi Falutin' New Stuff. and so strat got 'white chicken Florentine in a delicate sauce with garden greens'. and it looked as fancy as the name.

also? silly quiz time.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

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man, i love mark morford.

and not in a 'girly crush, can't tell my hubby' sort of way (altho i have those, and i do tell him). no, more in a 'breath of fresh air, thank *god* someone has a sense of humor about all this crap' sort of way.

he often makes me laugh when i thought the news was too bleak for that. and today is no exception. mark has eleven new and happy things, all of which made me smile, and some of which made me laugh out loud.

(thanks, kate, for turning me on to mark!)

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

y'know, blogging about blogging seems a tad precious, but i'm gonna do it anyway.

the NaBloPoMo Randomizer, courtesy of the lovely Lane? is a complete and utter time suck. and i mean that in a good way! with one thousand nine hundred and thirteen people participating, on a *daily basis*, tho? that's a lot of reading.

try it. there's some good reads out there. just schedule accordingly. ;)

also, someone else observed (perhaps Lane) that there is a dullish uniformity about most layouts, and as i surfed thru the NaBloPoMo list (slurp goes the clock), i realized that i'm really bored with my layout. it's so... boxy. and columns. and cluttered. my blog, it needs a new dress. or at least a decent pair of shoes.

suggestions for resources, anyone?

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

yay. :)

did my heart good to actually *enjoy* listening to election results for a change.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

please go vote today.

i saw a quip today - 'vote as if Diebold would actually count it!'. funny, i suppose, but it immediately made me think - 'vote as if your life depended on it.' you may think that a reactionary and extreme statement, and i suppose it might be if you think of your life as only the ability to breath in and out.

what i mean is: vote as if your life depended on it. vote as if your right to vote were at stake. vote as if your right to privacy, and health coverage, and a right to a fair trial were at stake. vote as if your expectation of a roof over your head, food on your table, and a job to pay the bills were at stake. because they are.

we vote, and participate in a democracy, to make that democracy work. to my mind, democracy is continually being refined and redefined - not always successfully. there are a number of issues up for revision, not only in our local elections here, but in elections across the US, some of which scare the crap out of me, others of which have the vaguely suspicious whiff of the slippery slope.

i'm not here to change your mind, or even see if we agree. just - vote. please.

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Monday, November 6, 2006

napping. tonight was all about napping.

and it wasn't exactly voluntary, more like 'unless i break out the toothpicks my eyes will close' napping.

trying to get a few things done now, since i'm awake for a bit... folding laundry, sorting papers, blogging, cleaning the bathroom...

oh, lordy, i need a vacation.

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Sunday, November 5, 2006

so, yesterday did turn out to be peaceful and uneventful.

MedSm was tuckered out enough from playing a full hour of soccer (they play 4 on 4, and only 4 showed up for his team) that his energy level for the rest of the day made sense to me. ;) he was calm enough that he didn't pest me to play football with him. instead, we ran a few errands, and then i let him choose the order of things. he wanted a haircut first, we got a few slices of pizza, and then we went to the library. oh, it was so lovely... he looked for books, i looked for books, he asked if he could read without his glasses, and when we finally gathered up our stash and headed out, he was so enamoured of his book that he didn't look up while walking out. did my heart good to see him so engrossed in reading.

i also took him with me to do a little shopping at Super 88. there were a few things i wanted to get, and i figured it would be a cool field trip for him, which is was. 'mom, what's this? what's that? what's *that*? oooo - live fish! can we have barracuda for dinner?' *shakes head* i loved letting him run around and explore all sorts of different foods. 'dried crabs? do you eat them?' the only thing i tried to steer him away from were the frozen whole birds... with feathers and heads on. more power to him if he chooses to be veg (i was for years) - i just don't want it to come from early childhood trauma. that's one therapy bill i don't want to be called on. ;)

it ended up being too crunched, time wise, to hit a museum, so i reserved a pass for next weekend to go to the Peabody Essex. they're a very child friendly museum, and they currently have an exhibit on owls. plus, he hasn't yet seen Yin Yu Tang, a traditional Chinese home, donated and moved to PEM. it's really an amazing exhibit.

i also rented the first episode of Eyes on the Prize - was *thrilled* when i saw it at the library, as i understood that it was hard to find, and no longer offered (copyright issues, among other things). so. i offered to MedSm that he could watch a show on American history with me if he wanted, and he did.

goddess love him, he paid attention, and struggled to stay awake, and got that it was important. he had never heard of segregation, and didn't understand it - why would they have to use another water fountain? he asked what lynching meant. and here's the moment that made me love him all the more, and drove home how important it is that he learn this history. they covered the murder of Emmet Till. and they showed pictures of him before and after the murder. i said softly, when they showed the second picture, 'that's the same boy.' *pause* 'that thing?', MedSm said. 'yup. that thing was a boy.' 'oh.'

you may say, 'hey, i thought you said it was uneventful!' and in a drama/trauma sense, it was. and you may say, 'hey, i thought you didn't want to foot any therapy bills!' and i did say that. but, y'know, the series is amazing and powerful and important. and MedSm had the option to not watch, at any point. and hubby and i were both there with him, to answer any questions, and help him understand as much as he can. i remember reading Roots, and seeing the series, and how visceral and vital it was, to understand what i could about the issues of racism, and segregation, and power, and how we all relate as humans, and how that has changed/not changed thru the years.

MedSm also got to talk with us, and hear our own stories from growing up. seems to me that considered and considerate exposure to important issues, as well as a little history education, is part of parenting. and MedSm is very curious to see the rest of the series. he's such a good egg, MedSm is.

on a completely different note - got to spend time with ChicaBean and her parents tonight. was absolutely wonderful to catch up with her, and them, and be treated to dinner, and just hang out with people whom i love and adore. hubby was also pleased, as he got to nap, long and hard, while i was out. :)

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