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Friday, August 11, 2006

yewfah. whole week, no posts.

well, lessee... still feeling a bit scrabbly about some things, but seeing a way thru it all. this is good. :)

pissed off that i sliced my finger open on a file folder today. made typing damn difficult, and i think i was more tweaked about the inconvenience than anything else. still freakin' hurts. basta.

had a great day at work - wherein i realized my to do list was a bit thin, and asked around the office. 'bring it on - what do you have for me?' what a great feeling, to have managed projects down to free up that kind of space! *love* it.

i also really got something about work this week. (and i think kate gets patent rights on the phrase 'really got it'.) it's been a lot of learning, taking on this job - and that's a prime reason that i gunned for it, that i would learn and grow and stretch. this week's shift was this: i am the face, and the voice, and the key in the door. we are a service organization, and my ability (or lack thereof) to show up at 8 damn 30 every freakin' morning has an immediate impact on our clients. not like the last few jobs, where a decision might impact a client 6 months down the line. and not so immediate as my physically customer facing jobs, where i was slapping down drunk ass ticket holders. nope, this is somewhere sort of close to the latter, and nowhere near the first.

and the light bulb went off. and it led to a very funny moment, and much satisfaction. (two items, altho they sound related.)

i asked hubby to take on MedSm in the mornings. generally, we split the duties: one of us gets him up and makes lunch, the other drives. and last week, i got that i can't do either half and still get myself out the door. i am apparently completely useless before caffeine (*big* freakin' surprise, nu?), and can only be responsible for myself in the a.m. so, i ask hubby to take child duties - at least for a few weeks, and maybe always. and is he okay with that?

... in classic Hubby Mode, he says 'well, that's a little inconvenient for me.' *LMAO* and i did. i laughed a lot. because i got that he wasn't saying no, and that he would step up to the plate, and that he was just speaking the truth. it is inconvenient, because it gets between him and a good sleep in, or a good cup of coffee. so, i think my new response to any favor hubby asks will be 'well, that's a little inconvenient for me.' *snort*

part two is that, with the 'rental pressure off in the morning, i'm there, at work, bright and shiny every morning. and i've worked down my list, and felt damn good about what i put in, and was thrilled to be at a point where i could offer to people to shovel it on, and take the burden off them.

side note: i love my job, because even before the shift, and even more so now - i find myself surprised by how late it is every time i check the clock. honestly, i am never bored, and love charting my own course, and love being able to give my time to this venture. i have yet to have a day where i'm counting the minutes. on the contrary, i often find myself juggling to get out early enough to pick up MedSm, and not because i'm swamped, but because i'm fully engaged in the work.

...and we should all be so lucky. i count my blessings all the time that i have such a great job.

for the weekend: catching up with Chica, hopefully, gardening, setting up my own office at home, and planning out things for our vacation week. there are so many cool things to do in town, and i'm excited to play the tourist in town for a week. :)

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