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Monday, June 26, 2006

okay, so... not so fair to call 'sick!' and then disappear for a while.

short version of the last week and a half:

was hellaciously sick for about 36 hours. nothing like breaking a fever in an air conditioned room. meh.

gardens are coming along a piece; the rock ledge garden has filled in nicely, with a good sequence of blooms, as has the left side garden. front one, i'm still working on moving things around for optimum arrangement. newest driveway garden is coming along. two others need to be pruned back and re-edged. the backyard... eesh. don't get me started on the back yard.

MedSma finished up school (nearly corrected the typo, then liked the Scottish look of it), did surprisingly well on his final report card (only surprising because his teacher was a tool, and ask me if you missed the first round), and got the teacher i wanted him to have for next year. *happy dance*

i had spoken with the principal about the assignment, and said 'look, i know you weigh all sorts of variables. and yes, the peer mix was much better this year than last. but, look. i want him to have a year where he can really establish a good teacher bond. first year was a loss, because of the bullying situation. this year, he is afraid of his teacher.' *much pedalling of views* 'look, i don't really care how he came to that conclusion. you need to know that he spent a lot of time in tears because he was afraid his work wasn't perfect enough for her, and that she would yell at him. and he was continuously worried about how to make her happy.' *much more pedalling of views* 'LOOK. i am telling you how he feels. factor it in with all the other info you have, and i trust that you will give the information the appropriate weight. because it's important to me that he have a good, solid year where he can trust his teacher.' *lightbulb goes off*

and when it comes right down to it, i don't care if my comments were the swing vote, or just did no damage to a de facto decision. i'm just pleased as punch that he got the teacher i wanted for him.

of course, after the fact, MedSma said he liked her better because her classroom 'wasn't so close to the boys [bath]room, which is wicked loud.' that's my boy! :)

hubby is working, both more and less. school is out, so one job is quiet for a bit. and school is out, so the other job can pick up speed for the summer.

we just came back from MedSm's last game... wherein he and his team were crowned the Citywide Champions of Little League. pile this on top of his team winning the division championship last week, his coach getting a well-deserved coach of the year award, and MedSm pulling it out in the last inning of an overtime game to hit the *only* out of the park grand slam in the division to keep his team in the playoffs the week before that... all and all, he's had a stellar inaugural season.

i'm loving my job, and not because it's a cakewalk, because it isn't. well, some bits are, but others aren't. it's creative, and challenging, and pushes me to be more aware and flexible, and step outside my comfort zone, pretty much every day. i think it's healthy and positive to seek out that sort of challenge, and miraculous to find it in a supportive environment.

plus, i've started up job #2, where i have my own little franchise, and can pick up as much or as little work as i want and need to make ends meet. it's a good fit, i think, and i am very anxious to be *thatmuchcloser* to solvent, once again.

also, today? in addition to MedSm's cham-peen-ship, we all (he, me and hubby) travelled down to my parents, to meet up with my sis, and her hubby, and their brand spankity new bebe. the Jman is adorable, and sweet, and *weensy!*, and fabulous, and it was great to have even a few hours catching up with everyone and meeting him. MedSm got to hold him, and after wigging out a bit ('he's a little person! and i'm holding him!'), was pretty cool about the whole deal, and dug it.

finally drying out from The Floods, and hoping that we'll get a decent summer in, 'round here. :)

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monday madness!

1. Do you own a digital camera?

yep. Casio Exelim. works like a charm, and has a great preview screen, bigger than most i've seen. since digicams remove you one level from your subject by having you look at a preview screen instead of the (largely useless, on most digicams) viewfinder, it seemed sensible to get a large screen.

2. What is your camera of choice?

se above for current cam of choice. before that, it was a Canon Elph... sweet little camera, of which i owned two. one was liberated in Heathrow, the other is still kicking around the house somewhere.

3. If you're a digital camera fan, do you print your own photos, or do you send them in to be printed? If you send them in, do you have a favorite place?

hm. digicam fan... well, i love them for the instant feedback, and the general idiot proofing. i can take small movies, change the flash and exposure in a heartbeat, zoom in, take sepia tone retro pics, and the thing is half the size of a deck of cards. can't beat the convenience. i don't send things out to be printed, because for the most part, i can share them online, or file them away for later. i've printed a few shots at home on our handy dandy all in one HP. if i need anything fancier than a 5x7, tho, i'd likely go somewhere like CVS.

4. How many pictures do you take a month?

depends on the month. if MedSm has events, or hubby is performing, or we have family events, i'll take upwards of a hundred, hundred fifty. other months, the camera languishes in a forgotten corner.

5. How many of those pictures actually get printed?

next to none. they all get saved to disc, tho.

6. Are you planning on purchasing a new camera in the near future?

nah. this one does me just fine for digital, and i've still got the Elph floating around, should i have a hankering for film.

nota bene: i do believe i'm about to cave, and set up a flickr account. once i figure out the public/private filters (because some shots are just for family), then i'll let you know. ;)

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