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Saturday, June 3, 2006

10 Things I Am Thinking About At The Moment.

(not that i hold out the hope that anyone will pick this up as a meme, but it seems that this deserves A Title.)

1. 'mom, why are the crackers funny? i mean, can they juggle?'

*snicker* MedSm cracks me up.

2. i'm tired of my life being on the third floor. bedroom, office, doctor. all third floor walk-ups. poo.

3. my life finally feels like it's come together, and i'm grateful that it's largely by design at this point.

4. i should make more time to catch up with my friends. (shout out to bs!)

5. i don't miss my old job at all. i love my new job to pieces.

6. it's been unbelievably satisfying to mess around in the garden lately. built a new stone wall, two new beds, and most of the plants are doing well. gardening is a form of meditation. patience, focus. patience, focus.

7. Memorial Day should be on a particular day; screw the convenience of a three day weekend. put it back to May 30th, every damn year. and while we're at it, how about having separate holidays for Lincoln and Washington, instead of some non-descript President's Day?

8. i realized recently that this habit comes from my gram - all animals (and many other things) have nicknames. i can't leave things at one or two syllables. chipmunks are 'chippy hacky'. wild birds, 'twiddly birds'. mice, 'meesely mice'. and this habit extends to people and inanimate objects. it makes me happy to think of my gram every time i say something like this.

9. it makes me happy to have a leopard print steering wheel cover. it also makes me happy that the jiffylube guys vacuum the car, as part of the service.

10. 15 minutes a day, picking away at projects (like getting rid of the clutter in my home) may not feel like much at the moment, but the results do add up.

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Thursday, June 1, 2006


i have to say, i did not think it possible for a human being to melt.

i may need to revise that opinion.

and of course, tomorrow will be cold and wet. don't you just *love* New England weather? /sarcasm off

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i had an immensely odd dream about MedSm the other night.

(sidebar: given the heat, and my odd sleeping patterns, and general stress, i've had many strange dreams lately. they may or may not appear here. one had to do with a house, and tenants, and a see-thru floor from one kitchen to another. one had to do with gardening. one had to do with driving, and some sort of showdown. none of them were pretty.)

MedSm said the other day that someone was teasing him about his hair. they called him FlatD, because, with his current hair cut, his hair is flat. (miracle of miracles for my curly headed boy!) the teaser has very curly hair.

in my dream, MedSm recounts much the same. the next moment, i catch him in the shower, washing his hair with hair spray. i grab it away from him, and chastise him for not using shampoo. 'see, *this* is why your hair is spikey!'

now, how it went from flat to spikey, i don't know.

and why i'm dreaming about his hair is also a mystery.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

quick recap of the last few days:

have i mentioned how very much i love my boss, and my coworkers, and my job? they were all fairly cool about me being mondo late on Friday. (see previous entry, re: projectile vomiting child.) and they all asked how he was.

i, apparently, am no longer wired for all nighters. not that i ever was before, but copious lashings of caffeine seemed to work much better then than now.

MedSm is much, much better.

i adore living in a Small Town. hubby and i headed in to see MedSm in the parade. yes, we had a Memorial Day parade on Sunday, for which they *shut down Main Street*. and MedSm, to his credit, knew why we celebrated. also? i gave jen a call, and we met up with her on short notice. it was great to be able to hang out with her whilst watching the parade. lucky girl, she got *both* bagpipers and a mariachi band. ;)

sometimes, being a parent with shared custody is good. Sunday morning, we fed MedSm, dropped him off with his mom to work on the school float, headed back and took naps, went to the parade, and went home for more napping. she got most of the day with him, and we got to see him having a blast in the parade.

today, i slept in, meandered around for a bit, and then decided to tackle one of my gardening projects. when i manage to recharge my camera, there will be pictures. for now: it was immensely satisfying to cross one Big Ass Project off my list. and i now have more garden.

hubby watched the entire marathon of Band of Brothers, as well as assorted war movies. it was fascinating to hear hubby talk about his uncle, who was actually in the war, and the very few stories he heard about that experience. can't blame Uncle F for not breaking out the stories all that often.

also, we grilled. and by we, i mean he. and It Was Good.

and that, folks, was my long weekend. hope you all had a great holiday!

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