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Friday, May 26, 2006

well, that was a fairly craptacular night.

and? it's not even over yet.

MedSm didn't feel all that well this morning, but wasn't running a fever, and said he felt like he could go to school. he did well, and made it thru after care and karate, *and* dinner.

then. round about midnight, he started puking. hubby was there for him, and i caught up with them on about Round 3. doesn't look like strep, probably not exposure to E Coli (have you seen the flooding?), likely just the stomach bug going 'round school. (have i mentioned how much i wig out when the baseball teams line up to high 5 each other after the games? sans gloves?)

there isn't much that breaks your heart more than not being able to Fix Things for your kid.


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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

there seem to be an awful lot of two-dimensional squirrels lately.

that is all. :)

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


so, i just got home from a school committee meeting. yes, just.

can i just say? while watching some of the wet sneaker contests was entertaining, overall, it was about as much fun as watching fat, ugly men mud wrestle naked.

having just made the point in the previous post about -isms, i will acknowledge that i could have made the point in a more politically correct fashion. but after the three hours of political wrangling, shoe wetting, spectacular displays of short sightedness, and general pig headedness, i'm not feeling in the least politically correct.

and really, that image pretty much sums up what i think of the whole mishegas at the moment.

(did i mention i live in a town where the sidewalks roll up at 9 pm, and we couldn't even get a margarita when we got out?)

E asked me why i don't run for political office, as she thinks i'd bring a more level headed approach to the proceedings. and the answer is this: right now, i don't think i could make it thru a meeting without wanting to take someone out with an ice pick. and i'm fairly certain that would be against Robert's Rules of Order.

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so, i've learned a few more things about myself, courtesy of MedSm. ;)

everything is all my fault. and i'm not allowed to wear heelys.

how is it all my fault, you may ask? and what exactly is 'all'? well, the answer to the first is - he's 7. the answer to the second is - really, everything.

an example: the shopping cart. i take MedSm shopping with me so i can pick up a few items. he spies a shopping cart in the lot, and says he wants to push it. okay, fine. we pass by the cart corral, and i say 'you might want to leave the cart out here.' some discussion as to whether i'm going to *use* the cart (no), and he still insists. okay, fine. doesn't hurt to have him push it.

we get in the store, and halfway down the first aisle, the cart isn't fun anymore. okay, fine. return it. pout, stomp, 'why didn't you tell me to leave it outside?' i had to resist the urge to laugh. it took him three trips thru the whole store, coming back to tell me that he didn't know where to leave it, and that he had to go outside, and i wasn't being fair, and i was *meeeeeeeeean*, before he got done.

and that was all my fault because i didn't tell him to leave it outside.

1) yes, i did.
2) guess what? i actually trust you to make (some) decisions based on information i give you. yes, i treat you like a real live Person With a Brain.
3) if this model is uncomfortable because others don't treat you this way, i'm still not changing. because you deserve better.

the heelys? ah. well. we got into a conversation about them on our way to batting practice last week, probably about how it's all my fault that he doesn't have a pair of them. somehow, it came around to discussing if they came in my size. *scoff* 'you can't have those! you're way too old!' really. so what's the age limit on heelys? 'i dunno.' could i wear them in high school? 'yahhhh!' how about college? (slightly less sure) 'yeahhhhh... i guess.' well, so i'm the same shoe size as i was in high school, so they come in my size.

he really wasn't sure what to make of that, but maybe, just maybe, that idea will percolate around in his noggin, and get him started on the path of recognizing and thinking about -isms. is that too much to ask of my kid? nah. it's all a gradual path, right? and i'm just planting seeds.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

so much going on... many good things, some not so much, and some things just need to get out of my brain.

as shelley observed in her comment on a recent post, my brain does seem to run at hyper speed. however, the fingers on the keyboard often do not keep up. :)

so... today, High Tea with The Ladies Who Lunch. (that, btw, is a gentle gest, mostly at my own expense, as i've become one of those suburban soccer moms who wears velvet sweatpants when she dresses up, and only drinks Chardonnay, with ice cubes. how the freak did that happen... oh. right. i'm a mom, who lives in a suburb. and red wine gives me migraines. /segue off) i'm not sure if this our third or fourth annual; in any event, it was lovely, despite the traffic that sucked big green donkey balls on Storrow on my way to meet up with them. they were very lovely and patient about my lateness, and it was wonderful to hang out with all of them.

recent throw down with the Ex Wife, and i don't even want to get into it, other than the observation that i often feel like i have more than one kid to raise.

on that note: being an active parent for MedSm has been fascinating recently. well, he's always fascinating, and i love being one of his parents. but, about the moment - he's on the brink of being An Independent Being. yes, he's always been independent, but this is about a bit more: he's working on defining who he is as his own person, and hitting a point where he's starting to make sense of bigger ideas. watching and participating in that mental shift... wow. just, wow, and damn, and how very cool.

MedSm has asked me how come i let him do things now that i wouldn't let him do last year, like watch certain movies. (remind me to come back to movies in another post.) and i've told him: you see the world differently now. you *get* more of it. obviously, i used different words, but i think he appreciated being acknowledged, as a person, and as someone who is growing and changing.

on the other hand, he's made several comments lately that make me feel my age. and yes, that is all about me, thankyouverymuch. one of the most striking: as keen as MedSm is on Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Danny Kaye, and Errol Flynn, he has very little idea who the Muppets are. and i think, how can you not know who the Muppets are? to wit, the ManahManah song. did we not all grow up with that? and didn't we all sit down with our parents to watch the Muppet Show? and then it hits. *boof* (this is the first time i've really appreciated generational differences.)

in order to rectify that oversight in his education, i've rented a lot of the Muppet Shows for Family Movie Night. and MedSm has loved them.

man, i miss Jim Henson. also, Mister Looper. 15 points to the first person who explains that reference!

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