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Saturday, May 13, 2006

so, apparently, puking in school is the equivalent of a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card in Monopoly.

i was working the newest book fair this morning, so as to be there for MedSm's class. he had a bit of a tummyache on the way over, so i asked - 'tummy ache like it hurts, or like you're going to be sick?' 'like it hurts.' and some mornings are like that, so i let it go.

half an hour later, whilst adding up cash and vouchers, with no caffeine in my system, and not nearly enough sleep, i hear, in a light soprano... 'uuuummmm... i think MedSm just threw uuuuuuuup!'

man, oh man... who the hell cares about cash at that point? i sprinted down the hall, collected up MedSm, and walked him to the nurse's office. (ToolTeacher followed along, as if it made a difference, just to make sure i wasn't kidnapping him. have i mentioned i hate ToolTeacher? beyatch.)

my theory is that, while it rots to puke, it rots more to puke when you don't see it coming. and MedSm didn't see it coming - he thought he was just going to belch. then he's sick, and it's embarassing, and painful, and ohmigodijustpukedinpublic. soooo glad i was there for him.

goddess love my hubby... he took a personal day to watch over MedSm, so that i could keep working and checking in on the fair. truly, he rocks as a parent, and a person. and how very much do i love the teacher who came out of class to mop up? he tried to brush it off as 'i have kids and this happens all the time', but i hope he knows how very much it meant to me that he took the time to do that. profusive thanks may have made the point. :)

MedSm is still deeply unwell, but there's also been something going around school lately, so i expect that while this all sucketh, MedSm will be better in a few days.

poor schnoodle.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

hrmph. *cough*

so. i need to face up to a few things.

first: i keep saying i'll catch up on posts, and put up photos, and generally make sense of my life.

hah! ain't gonna happen. :)

photos may come, and posts may be written... but, honestly, to continue to promise My Three Faithful Readers things that may or may not happen? dumb.

sorry, folks. ;) hope you keep reading, thanks for being here... but please don't put any faith in recent promises.

also: 'synthesizing the past year in a meaningful way'?

holy bajoley... what the fuck was i thinking when i wrote that? yes, i've done much therapy. yes, i work for a Very Touchy Feely Place (which i adore beyond belief!!). yes, i'm still trying to make sense of what it meant to me to be laid off. but... gawud dayum! synthesizing the past year. how very much crap.

lemme say this about that: i got home a few weeks ago, after trying to figure out the new work space. i'd also been thru a few ex-wife issues (not bad, just trying to balance things) that day. add in trying to figure out Issues with Someone Important in my life...by the time i got thru a phone convo at 10 pm, all i wanted to do was scream from the top of the roof 'i'm done! i don't want to process anything else! enough! the day has been all about doing for others, and... i'm done! basta!'

soooo... what was my point? oh, yeah. love my life, love my hubby, love my kid, love my job, love my home. working on being more realistic about what i promise my readers. trying to make sense of where i am at the moment.

hey, bs? life and family does take a lot of time - you're so very right about that. when we're lucky, it's very definitely time well spent. and if our parents are lucky, they'll get a phone call many years after the fact, when we face things from the other side, and finally get a glimpse at what our parents did for us.

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the blog has been quiet, but life has not.


new job for me.
new jobs for hubby.
new, happy sport for MedSm.
much progress on the gardens.
a mixed bag with the pets.
a few Good Nights Out, for me, and hubby, and MedSm.

bottom line, i think we're doing well.

and did i mention i'm an aunt again? my sis had her first bebe, a phenomenally lovely boy. hey - i have a nephew! :)

working on getting back into The Groove, and trying to synthesize the last year or so in a meaningful way.

stay posted. :)

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