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Saturday, March 4, 2006

interesting distraction.

i've created two windows, one for Johari, one for Nohari.

click on thru, and tell me what you think of my positive traits and negative traits.

it's fascinating to me that the grids are interactive and evolutionary, as the system learns more about each person's perceptions of the individual (in this case, me). one of the more interesting projects i've seen in a while, for sure.

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*hums softly to self*

i wanna be an airborne ranger
i wanna live a life of danger

why that's been in my head recently, i don't know.

just pulled off a great baby shower for my sister, as well as family time, and a chance for her to see a friend who just got back into town.

had a great time planning the party, and also loved having it. my hubby was a rock star about helping out, and being gone when the moment required. my kid was also a champ, understanding that he was helping by staying out of the way, and then hanging out with his cousins later, keeping a great eye on his much younger cousin.

am exhausted. also, happy.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

positive thoughts and prayers can achieve amazing things.

please, if you have a moment, send Samson Daniel some love. erika and jay's little monkey man has a huge day ahead of him on Tuesday, and could use a little extra support, as could his parents.

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random humor. apologies if this is a rerun, but honestly, i think it's worth it, even if it is a duplicate. :)

the history of eggnog

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Cliffs Notes version of my life:

(or, Stories in Progress, or, Things About Which I Am Procrastinating - take your pick):

The Painting Project That Would Not Die
How My Kid Had A Better Vacation Than Me (see previous subject)
The Continuing Saga of The Squeakers
How to Outlast Your Mechanic
Trading Time for Money
Matador: Olé!
Shower Me With Love
Theme for the week: Buttered Toast, With a Subtext of Cat

all of these will be explained at some point. :) i continue to be staggered by the amount of time i no longer have, now that i'm back at work. this is also complicated by the fact that hubby was first disabled (shattered bone in his foot) and now sick as a dog (poop on toast, i think, is about how he's feeling).

i finally wrote up The Big List. lists are the theme tonight. lists of things to write, things to do, things not yet done, lists of how i'm behind... yeargh. Big List: things to get done in the next week. so far, crossed off 6 tonight. hopefully, progress will go as well the rest of the week.

small notes: took MedSm to a hockey game last night. loved catching up with friends. loved, even more, throwing myself into a field of snow to make a snow angel on the way back to the car. i fought the impulse, briefly, then thought, 'why delay joy?'. first snow angel in likely 20 years. and it was magnificent. equally fantastic was MedSm's snow angel - to which he added antlers, because he wanted to make a MooseAngel.

found it mildly disturbing that my mom said, when i told her that hubby sent kisses, 'oooo! he's a good kisser!' um.... mom? 'oh, well, in a mother-in-law sort of way.' eh! :)

looking so much forward to seeing my sis this coming weekend, and having her shower.

and how is it that i can do at least one load of laundry every night, and still be behind?


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Sunday, February 26, 2006

unconscious mutterings:

Baby step:: 15 minutes
Wasted:: afternoon
Reggie:: Lewis
Pitiful:: poor, poor pitiful me (courtesy of Van Morrison, who may or may not have sung that)
Acting out:: brat
Tomato:: Nation
Bad night:: all around
Trip:: and fall
Finance charges:: mercenary
Sport:: pal

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