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Thursday, February 16, 2006

i'll admit to a sick, car crash sort of fascination with Michael Jackson, aka The Man with the Disappearing Nose.

and how could you not love this bit about the latest wrangling between the baby-collector and his mom for hire?

The appeals court ruled that while Rowe gave up her parental rights in 2001 and conceded sole custody of the two kids to Jackson, the case was marred because the judge in the case neglected to have state officials determine what was in the kids' best interests. Presumably, these officials would have suggested that anything up to and including being raised by glue-sniffing badgers would be preferable to the freakish Voyage of Dysfunction to which the kids have been consigned.

that, right there, is a fine piece of writing. ;)

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james turned me on to Pandora. it rocks long and hard. it's free, it's music, it's streaming, and it's customizable.

i've recently built a station of my own that you might enjoy, particularly if you're a fan of WERS. it's called coffeehouse, and is modeled after their weekday morning show of the same name.

even if you don't dig my coffeehouse, pandora is well worth exploring. for now, it's free, and you can build multiple stations for yourself, and/or search for stations that meet your tastes. only catch is, you can't rewind. but that seems minor. and did i mention it's free?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

bone deep tired, and trying to figure out where all the hours in the day went, so just a quick recap of the day.

(Cliffs Notes, rather than War and Peace Volume II, so to speak, because i went from 6:30 this morning to now around midnight with not much more than 5 or 6 minutes here or there for me. not complaining, just... observing. it's been a busy day.)

1. my cat continues to be a treat hog. at 16, i think he's entitled.

2. Valentine's Day rocked, altho possibly not as much as katherine's, whose beau is to be admired for his display of testicular fortitude. ;)

3. i got Romantic Brownie Points from hubby.

4. hamilton squeakypuff and all the little squeakers continue to do well. i confess to thinking, while watching her run like mad in the exercise wheel, 'i must get back to my prepregnancy weight of 1.2 ounces!', which makes me giggle.

5. MedSm's teacher is a tool. plain and simple. i no longer care to give her any thought, altho the punitive change to MedSm's report card may merit some thought. long story short, she refused to own up to any part of her involvement, flat out denied calling MedSm dishonest, called each of us (adults) in turn a liar, and never once used the word 'sorry'. hell, lady, my hamsters have better manners than you.

6. i'm trying to finagle a permanent spot out of my contract.

7. what gives with the 50 degree day, and the melting of the snow? the snow that we all had to move somehow just the other day? eh? and my plants, which were confused before, are now positively schizophrenic.

8. i got the fundraiser i wanted for MedSm's school. it'll be work, but i think it will be good.

9. it's nice to be able to talk to MedSm's mom. i think we're approaching friendship. it's odd, but less odd than it was. and it's certainly healthier for all involved.

10. my kid rocks.

and that pretty much sums it up. *facekeyboard*

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