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Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry Christmas! :)

finally wrapped the last present, ate the evidence (so to speak) of the Santa cookies, nibbled on the carrots left for the reindeer, cleaned up the kitchen, did the laundry... and i think we're set for tomorrow. if not, i'll punt.

Little Small is with us for Christmas eve and morning this year (we flip flop the schedule), and i can't tell you how thrilled i am. seems to me that's the better part of the deal, if you ask me. i mean, it's great to get to spend any part of the holiday with him, but the staying up late to catch Santa, and getting up early to tear into stockings and presents? that's the best. and Santa has a limited shelf life, of which we only get to share half, so i'm definitely treasuring this one. i don't think it'll be the last (he's 7), but you never know.

after the early morning mania, i'm off to church at a slightly more leisurely pace (LS will be off with his mom); hopefully, hubby will feel up to joining me, but if not, that's fine. (he's been nursing a bad cold for a while.) we'll get to visit with Chica and Chef and their family later on; got to spend a good chunk of today (well, technically yesterday, by the time i post this, but i'm still awake, so it's still the same day. like that logic?) with my family - parents, sis and her hubby, and a quick visit with my gram. i'm glad i was able to largely set aside a simmering issue and enjoy the time. you'll notice my brother's family is not on that list...and i'm disappointed and hurt that they didn't make it, after saying they would be there. feh. in any event, it was a nice day - and the traffic didn't suck!

best and brightest wishes for a peaceful, warm holiday, spent with those you love.

merry Christmas!

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