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Saturday, December 17, 2005


migraine sucked most of the joy right out of the day. fortunately, i have high powered pills i can take, but they have the unfortunate side effect of knocking me out. when you're on solo kid duty, this isn't always best. however, when it feels like someone is ramming a hot poker in your eye, there's not much of an option. i feel lucky that Medium Small is old enough (and compassionate enough) to roll with it, and do what needs to get done.

random question: anyone know how to get bromeliads and kalanchoe to rebloom? i cut them back when the blooms faded, but i'm not sure where to go from here.

our tree is up, and finally decorated; sat there bare for nearly a week before we (i) motivated to get the lights and tinsel on there. it's a fine, fat little tree, and it's already got presents under it. i'll try to get a picture up tomorrow; remind me to tell you about Operation Watering Funnel, as well.

couple other stories i want to get out there, including the mini-blizzard last week, and basketball, and holiday planning, and library happenings, and some funny stories from MedSm, as well as a few news 'events' i've been mulling over. right now, time to conk out and hope the last vestiges of the migraine vanish with a good night's sleep.

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Friday, December 16, 2005


spent the day home with sick child, after several middle of the night Throwing Up Episodes. odd, mellow, laid back sort of day, where we both just puttered, did what felt best, and watched a lot of movies.

as i puttered, i did get some things done, making inroads on several projects. but when you're meandering about in sweats and stocking feet, keeping an eye on a sick kid, making grilled cheese/chicken noodle soup/mac and cheese, and mopping up, it's hard to feel like you're accomplishing much, even tho you're always doing something.

at least we got the tree decorated, and he didn't throw up again, altho he resisted mightily when it came to cough medicine.

(note to self: do not check Medium Small's throat for strep immediately after grilled cheese. the glop of cheese will look like The Worst Infection Ever.)

in the mix for me are also several serious topics i've been pondering the past few weeks, and plans for the upcoming holidays. yes, the second is on par with the first.

eh. at least hubby didn't crank up the heat when he got home. he has a habit of cranking up the thermostat rather than putting on an extra layer, and i've seriously started to wonder lately if i've been having hot flashes... until i find the thermostat at 73°, and i'm wearing fleece.

here's hoping that MedSm is feeling better tomorrow, that i can find his Kid Nation membership card, that hubby has much more festive audiences, and that there is no snow.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

just a peep to say i'm here... longish day, altho productive, and i'm too tired to formulate a thought.

also apparently too tired to type, as this has taken twice as long as usual...

*crossing fingers that the storm tomorrow doesn't suck as much as it looks like it might*

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

mmmphrgh. mixed bag of a day, altho i have to say, more productive than not.

most people have a laundry day. me, i have laundry day and hamster day. tonight was all about (well, large chunks were all about) cleaning the fish tanks and the hamster cages. all the tanks are done, and 3 out of 4 cages are done. seeing as how we only have three hamsters, i opted to leave the most difficult cage for last, and all the hammies still have clean abodes.

also made three batches of cookies and packed them up for my library ladies, as we have a committee meeting tomorrow morning.

plus, did grocery shopping, met with Medium Small's teacher, got the library's monthly newsletter done, made MedSm's bed, finished up some laundry, and cleaned the kitchen.

hey, that's pretty good for one day. maybe i'll winge about the other stuff tomorrow. ;)

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Monday, December 12, 2005

*sound of door opening*

me: (hollering down from computer) hi honey!
he: hi honey! i'm here! i brought booze and a clown nose!
me: (incoherent with laughter)
he: i'm gonna get you drunk and f*ck you silly!

have i mentioned that life with hubby is never boring? :)

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

monday madness:

note: i'm assuming that the questions are observational, and not directed personally. ;)

1. Words most commonly mispronounced.

around here? Boston, parking, here, and coffee.

2. Words used improperly.

pronouns, sadly.

3. Words most often misspelled.

if you count punctuation as part of spelling - its, it's and its'.

4. Words or phrases that you feel are over-used.

okay, uh huh, sure, honestly?, if you want the truth, seriously.

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unconscious mutterings:

Stalker:: Rebecca Schaeffer
Outrageous:: Divine
Carrying:: Card
Spirited:: èlan
Oh!:: my god
Grid:: iron
Country:: kettle
Karen:: Carpenter
Candles:: romance
Relationship:: worth the effort

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so, we got a tree tonight.

it's still on the roof of my car, as i couldn't find the tree stand. (turns out hubby squirrelled it away in our back stairwell. go, him, for finding it. ;) ) Little Man and i had a good time picking it out, and the kid who helped us not only carried the tree to our car, but tied it down (for which he got a well deserved tip).

while i do think that Thanksgiving sort of gets the bum's rush in the haste to reach Christmas, i also love getting to Xmas. it's just that i can't start until after Turkey Day.

i've put up a wreath on the front door, some seasonal things in the front garden, decorated the (transplanted) evergreen out front (now buried in snow, go figure), put a garland up on the railing on the stairs to the bedroom, set up the nativity scene on the china cabinet, and decorated a miniscule tabletop tree.

does mildly obsessive fit the bill? ;) i said to hubby, 'hey, at least i won't ask you to put animated lit reindeer on the roof!'... and he seemed a bit relieved, but not much. :)

looking forward to setting up the tree and decorating it in the next few days. also, anticipating the baking for various people - always fun to be in the kitchen.

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