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Thursday, October 6, 2005

ooooo! y'know, i forgot to mention the best bits.

(something about recovering from WTMI got me off track...)

the leaves around here are turning the most amazing colors. part of me is sad to see the summer really go, but it's also wonderful to be driving along and see so many shades of yellow, amber, maroon and green. i find i notice the trees a lot more this time of year. it was especially nice to see several huge, old weeping willows - such elegant trees.

hubby *and* chef both got back good results from their MRIs/CAT scans. i swear, the two of them must be twins separated at birth for the degree of synchronicity in their lives. :) so, chef has a few more things to investigate, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for her - but so far, all good. hubby found out that he's been suffering from a sinus infection for a month or two. i can only imagine how nasty it is if it shows up on an MRI... but it's easily treatable, and that's the good news.

i had a great conversation the other day with the person with whom i had the immensely difficult conversation last week. and it seemed that we were on good footing, all around. we talked for a while about everything and nothing, and i passed along stories about the movement that's been happening on the relavent fronts. and as far as i can tell, we both hung up from the chat happy.

my sis is doing well... and i can't begin to describe how happy i am that she's going to be a mom! i think she and my bro-in-law will be most excellent parents. so very much looking forward to being auntie to their peanut.

and i've found a way to deal with/fund several repairs that need to happen around the house. leaky pipes, general maintenance, grounds keeping... all good, or at least will be soon. and that makes me feel *much* better about future water bills. :)

*deep breathing* visualize the good things. see how it will all work out. let the good things that are happening inform you about what else will be good. *deep breathing*

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so, you were all apparently stunned into silence by the intimate and confessional nature of the last post, right?

... or maybe it was just *waaaaay* TMI. ;)

i did worry that i might scare people away, but then again, half the reason i write here is to record things for myself. it's amazing what you can see by reading thru your own archives a year or three later.

in any event - there has been a lot of movement on several fronts lately. i hesitate to call it progress only because i can't see the overall pattern yet; it well might be progress, but for now, i'm happy with movement. we're showing the apartment, we're involved with Little Man's school, we're working on arranging finances, we're looking at job possibilities, and there's a just a lot happening all around. my shrink asked today how my mood was, and i had to think for a minute. my answer was, 'i'm feeling a lot lately. and that seems in proportion to what's going on.' i feel tired, energized, nervous, antsy, hopeful, optimistic, upbeat, overwhelmed, every inch of my age, revitalized, lucky, loved, wiped out... all this, and more. and given that the majority of my life is in flux at the moment? seems appropriate.

i'll be happier as we settle each of these areas. and it's not as if i think 'life will be bliss' if that happens; there will always be flux, there will always be things that have to be done. but if we could just batten down a few things, and move on to new issues... that would be good.

tonight, tho, i'm spending time catching up with friends, writing, and watching hammie hammie, who is the cutest animal in the world. all good, positive fuel for tomorrow.

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Monday, October 3, 2005

you may have noticed that i've been a bit stressed lately. ;)

one of the unfortunate, and less socially acceptable, side effects of the stress is that my IBS is in full swing again. it's not nearly as bad as it was, say, 7 or 8 years ago, when i used to walk around all day holding my side, and regularly sprinted out of meetings. but it's bad enough. hey, when you manage to startle *yourself*, and the phrase that springs to mind is 'swamp ass'? life could be better.

and, of course, this all ramps up as i'm getting more interviews. one of my recurrent fears is that i will suffer from a particularly noticable 'episode' whilst interviewing. i'm fairly certain that accidentally knocking off your interviewer as a result of a medical condition would be rated accidental homicide... but i really don't want to find out for sure.

for this, and a host of other reasons (not the least of which being the peace and serenity of my household), i think i'm going to start my seasonal detox in the next day or so. i've had good luck with it in the past, and while it's fairly stringent in some ways, there is a lot of latitude in others. plus, as it's a detox regimen, it's only meant to be followed for a week or two. hell, given what i've come thru in the last few years, following a moderated diet for a week or two should be a cakewalk. please pardon my choice of phrase. ;)

a funny for those of you who have persevered thus far: funniest thing i've read in ages is hamster tales, over at Cafè Bongo. i read it the other night, and was laughing so hard, i was crying. it will make a great deal of sense to any pet owner. :)

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

this is just to say

i have eaten
the grissini
that were in
the kitchen

and which
you were probably
for a midnight snack
with some parma

forgive me, please
they were delicious
so salty
and so crunchy

(deep apologies to William Carlos Williams, my husband, and my raging PMS)

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and then, there are days i wish i had a camera on hand at all times.

so, i recently set up a bin cage for hamula. (remind me to post photos of the latest rev of her modular cage, by the way... it's, shall we say, overengineered, courtesy of my addictive nature. ;) )

it's a $5 bin from Targè, with wood shavings as carpet, a climby toy thing, a Ferris wheel, and various treats. i also made sure that there was a water bottle, hung over the edge of the bin.

ohmilord... she spent the first 15 or 20 minutes in the bin trying to escape. climbing up and over the climby thing, launching herself at the side of the bin - and then, best of all, trying to swing, Tarzan-like, from the water bottle spout up and over the wall.

if i only had shots of her gripping onto the spout for dear life, belly showing, paws all akimbo... and then dropping into the bedding, and scrambling for more.

have i mentioned i love my hammie hammie? she is the cutest thing going (short of my latest niece, of course).

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good things that have happened recently:

spent some good cuddle time with Little Man today. also got to take him to his first Little League tryout... and with the sun and weather today, it was hard to believe, looking around the bleachers and the field, that the kids out there wouldn't be playing next week. leaves a nice shivery anticipation for the spring (and took some of the sting out of The Other Game today).

made a nice dinner for my family tonight, as well as last night. in fact, LM deemed that my meatloaf was better than dad's (but shhhhhhh... it's a secret.)

found a few new things that hamula likes to snack on, and spent some fun time observing her habits. (LM asked why hamula, when he's named her snoozey. 'well, she's awake at night, like Dracula. so... hamula.' made him laugh.)

being able to help others.

have a few more days to get bulbs in the ground, in preparation for next spring. also: have found out why the rose plants are dead. Trouble Cat from across the street has commandeered the bird bath as her water dish... and then pees under the bird feeder, on the roses. as least it isn't anything i did. ;)

spent some good time on the phone with my sister the other night, hashing out a few things (as in, i hashed, she listened), and generally catching up.

have gotten several promising inquiries about my availability for work.

am developing a new fund raiser for the school, and feeling pretty good about it.

woke up on the right side of the grass every damn day this week, as did all those i love and care about.

relished the recent crispness to the air that comes with fall in New England.

had a ball watching LM hack/carve away at some of the apples he picked the past Wednesday on a field trip. he wanted to peel something, so i gave him a peeler and aimed him towards the bag of apples... then had a flash of dried apple heads, and handed him all sorts of Implements Of Destruction. well worth the cleaning up, says i. :)

laughed right out loud the other day, several times, over comments from LM. the one that sticks is about costumes. (side note, which i may already have covered: Halloween this year looks to be very promising, and has been a much lovelier negotiation with TEW than in the past. LM should have a bonzer year.)

me: so, you still thinking about Zorro?

he: nah. i'm gonna be Sponge Bob.

me: (choking, as his trick or treat buddy loves all things Sponge Bob with a passion) ... okay. how come?

he: well, he's a sponge, right? with holes all over. so when my bag is full, i can just stuff the hard candies in the holes. (this came complete with visual demonstrations)

me: *snort*choke* good thinking, LM. but i think we could just give you a bigger bag.

he: oh. okay!

crossing my fingers, and having a good sense that Things Are Moving Forward, on several fronts.

finally getting the land line repaired, and killing the static! this, despite the 'assurances' from V*r!z@n that they had tested everything, and it was all good. when the tech who took hubby's followup call couldn't hear him *over the static*... we got a tech out here the next day. and life is good. (perhaps this week, i'll get DSL in, and can kill the cable account.)

getting as far as most of the way thru the fourth book in rereading the Harry Potter series... which means that i'm all the much closer to reading the latest book. (seems prudent to refresh a few details before diving in again.)

becoming an aunt again... and finding out that i'll be one, all over again, soon!

having the great good fortune to be married to the greatest guy, ever, which is a gift every morning.

it's good, i find, to review the things that are good in life, when you most often feel faced with anything but. there is much good, and many possibilities. and just in case i've sounded whingey lately, i figured it was good to share some of the rest of the picture.

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