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Saturday, September 17, 2005

oh, the funniest part about getting the car fixed? (yes, there was something funny about it.)

i was joking around with my mechanic about what i thought the harmonic balancer was, and how my car was out of tune. he said that it wasn't just important to have your car in tune, but to have it in tune with the (and i quote) 'hum of the universe'.

have i mentioned i love my mechanic?

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Friday, September 16, 2005

it's been quiet around here lately because i'm working thru some deep, challenging stuff on the emotional front.

i'm not quite at the point where i can articulate any of it. my first impulse was to apologize for being so quiet, but really, isn't a personal site about discussing what you want, when you want? so. no apologies, just a note to say that the slogging is taking up most of the brain time, both waking and sleeping. (and yes, this has led to some *immensely* interesting dreams with which Freud and Jung would both have their respective field days.)

and that hasn't left much time for writing, which is a shame, because life is chugging merrily along, and Many Interesting Things are happening here on the home front, even if i'm not paying attention. ;)

Little Man is well into second grade, and i'm very excited to see how his year goes. he likes his teacher, and has decided she's not 'mean' (don't get me started on that conversation, which involved TEW), just puts people in line if they don't behave well, and that she likes him just fine because he behaves. yay! and he's excited about division. seems early to me (didn't long division happen around 4th or 5th grade?), but he's eager, and already figured out some of the basic precepts on his own, so, go Little Man!

hubby is doing well on the professional front, having recently gotten the nod from a local magician/booker, and made any number of connections, both new and renewed, lately.

me... i continue to be freaked out on a number of fronts, including the latest Car Escapade (more in a moment). *however*, i have been reminded, in many ways, that Life Is Good, and that embracing change and being in the moment will allow one to see and accept the rewards that are there. yes, that sounds all sorts of touchy-feely. and i'm fine with that. :) really, taking the time to see what you *do* have in your life is an important part of the day. as one of my stepmother friends pointed out recently, complaining about the heating bill means that you have a roof over your head and you're warm. it's all in how you look at it.

as for the car. well. Penny has been squeaking and squawking for a week or two, and hubby said, every time i asked him to listen to the noise (good thing to ask a half-deaf spouse), 'you should take her in to the mechanic.' i kept delaying, but finally agreed with his assessment when i saw white smoke puffing out from under the hood while i was at a stop light the other day. for those of you who remember the Air Conditioning Debacle... well, white smoke is never good, altho better than black, oily smoke. that, plus when i got home and popped the hood, only to see glowing embers alongside the engine block... yeah.

so i take her in to my mechanic (who is worth his weight in gold), and they say it may be the water pump. hubby had guessed as much, so it wasn't a surprise. what was a surprise was the assessment after they took her apart. the pump was intact (good). however, the harmonic balance was not, and as a result, the timing belt cover was shot, the timing belt was suspect, and the parts were starting to chew into the oil pan (perhaps the source of the glowing embers). now, not knowing much about engines when it comes down to nuts and bolts, i pictured the harmonic balance as some sort of teeter-totter part. (how that fits into an engine block, i didn't work out.) when i picked up the car today, my mechanic showed me the part. and much to my surprise, it was fairly unexciting. it's pretty much a big ring, which holds several other concentric rings inside, and the belts on the outside.

looking at one side and the other of the ring, it was clear where the problem was. one side was thick and rusted. the other side was half the width, and shinyshinyshiny and not level, as if it has recently been polished...or ground down by being out of place.

so very, very lucky that i didn't fry the engine.

and as rocky as i'm feeling about the job hunt, other things are going well. hubby and Little Man are healthy and happy. the gardens are good, and i'm planning for next year. i finally met our Ghost Neighbor - the house next to us uphill appeared to be vacant for the longest time, but apparently, not so much. and she's nice. i may go over with cookies next week. the bird feeders are attracting all sorts of birds, including a downy woodpecker at the suet feeder. jeremy the fish and snoozy the hamster are both doing well, and strat hasn't disowned me yet. ;)

i'm actively involved with the school, and happy that the school year has started again. there are a few big projects i'll be helping out with there this year, and that's fun. and i'm fairly proud of the fact that the ex-wife and i are the ones who went to the open house at school the other night - and talked, negotiated schedules and commitments, worked out how to share projects at school and at home, and generally had a fairly lovely time talking. huh. who the hell would have known, a year ago, that she and i could have gotten to here?

and just because you've taken the time to read all this way down, here's the funniest photo i've seen in ages:

you can only laugh at the recent gas prices...

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