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Saturday, September 10, 2005

everybody, meet jeremy.

the newest member of our householdjeremy, meet everybody.

(much to my surprise, it's not at all easy to photograph fish. so, apologies for the sketchy quality of the snap.)

yes, we have another new pet. and yes, that's two new pets in three days. at least they're both solitary creatures; Syrian hammies live best alone once they mature (at three months!!), as do betta fish.

the betta lead to an interesting discussion with both hubby and Little Man. Little Man had said a few days ago that he knew something about Chinese fighting fish. 'huh. have you ever heard of Siamese fighting fish?' and a long discussion of just how many types of fighting fish might exist then ensued. ;) so i ask hubby this afternoon (after i'd brought jeremy home) much the same question. he pointed out that Siam ceased to exist many years ago. so, weren't they the same thing, and wasn't i getting hung up on terminology?

i relayed most of this to Little Man, who then, much to my amusement, explained to his dad how Siam didn't exist anymore, and why were there wars, and how did a country stop existing, and wasn't the fish really cool, and hey! i have a hamster! :)

i didn't really mean to come home with a fish today. honest. it just happened. i went out looking for hamster supplies (another story, in and of itself). and jeremy is a low enough manintenance pet that it's okay he was an impulse buy. there will be much more planning in the acquisition of birds, which will hopefully happen after the first of the year. i've already spec'd out the cage i want, figured out where it's going to go, and looked at maintenance and upkeep of the birds. i'm looking to start with a pair of society or zebra finches, and move up from there.

ah, the menagerie that is our home. good analogy for ... something, don't you think? ;)

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

meh. very, very stressed out. let's not even get into the reasons why, which are myriad and uninteresting.

how about hamster pictures? because hammies are the cutest things on the face of the earth, at least today. so: World, meet Snoozey. Snoozey, meet World.

LM has been hot to trot about getting his own pet lately. hell, for the last three years, he's wanted one. ;) in the last few months, it's appeared to us that he could be responsible enough to own and care for a pet. so i started looking into the pets he'd mentioned, figuring since he's only here half the week, it should be a pet that *i* loved, because that would make it easier to care for his pet the other half of the week.

(have i mentioned The Long Negotiation That Is Allowance? and how all that figured into pet choice?)

so. on the recommendation of several friends, i investigated local pet shops, chains and otherwise. i ended up picking a locally owned store with two locations, and here's why they won. they're locally owned. every person i talked to knew something about the animals they were caring for. they had a wide variety of animals. and i got to see how they cared for sick animals.

it seems a bit odd, but think about it: if you have a large number of animals, statistics dictate that some will be sick. when you walk into a chain store, you never see sick animals. so. where do the sick ones go?

in this store, they had two tanks of quarantined fish, and one bird regrowing his/her tail feathers. this said to me that the owners and employees knew how to nurse sick animals, and that they didn't mind acknowledging that. alllllll good.

we got thru the mishegas of school shopping first, LM and me. 'whyyyyyyyy do i have to try on the pants? they have elastic, so they'll fit!' 'gah. please. just try them on. we don't know they'll fit until you do.' 'but whyyyyyyyyyy?' gack. ;)

and once we dealt with clothes and school supplies, off we went to find The Hamster. :)

strat, investigating the hammie

fortunately, they had some lovely hammies at the store. it only took half an hour to work out what we were doing, LM and me. ;) and since LM had already assembled the cage, with bedding, food and water, it only remained to bring her home.

strat is immensely uninterested in hammie-hammie, after the initial investigation, which only happened because i carried the cage upstairs. all good. hubby did say that he's wanting to get a rabbit, now, (i tried to bring one home a few weeks ago), and i'm all hot to trot about getting some indoor finches.

looks like we may end up with a menagerie soon. and that makes me happy. :)

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Monday, September 5, 2005

too much death. i stayed away from the news on vacation, and i'm thinking that's a good choice, these days.

it's death on all sorts of scales. a friend of mine just lost his dad to cancer (odd turn of phrase, that, losing someone - like they mught turn up behind the sofa if you just took the time to look).

William Rehnquist - gone, and the implications scare the bejesus out of me. also, Peter Jennings. that just makes me sad.

and the continuing death toll in the South in the wake of Hurricane Katrina... is just horrifying. how terrible must it be to be surrounded by water, when that's what you need and can't get? i'm angry about this one, too. for reasons i'm struggling to articulate, i hold the Shrub personally responsible for the slow move to help, and personally responsible for each death, in a way and with a level of anger that i've never felt towards a president before. let's not even compound that with the continuing bleeding away of lives in Iraq... oh, hell, let's throw that in, too. the man just makes me angry, because it all seems so wasteful, and his fault.

i'm leaving the television off tonight.

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

hi. hi! *waves* i missed you guys.

don't get me wrong. i *loooooved* being on vacation last week. it was a wonderful week of Doing Nothing. and it's amazing how much energy it takes to do nothing. :)

but i missed all of you. and i missed my house, and my cat, and my gardens... when i tried to weed the walk at the cottage? i knew it was time to get home to my own gardens.

and also. i didn't watch much news, but. the Red Sox are still doing moderately well. N'Orleans is in a world of hurt. and then, there are the gas prices.

not to put too fine a point on it, but:
what the fuck, motherfucker - what the fuck were you thinking?
JBE sums it up nicely. love, love, love Jim's take on the world. and yes, i did say i didn't want to swear in front of my kid. and i don't, mostly. (sidenote: i am fairly pissed at my dad, who, after not even saying damn when he hit his finger with a hammer when we were growing up, swore up one side and down the other in front of my kid. *there's* a discussion to be had.) but my kid doesn't read here, yet, and i do need an outlet. so: what the FUCK? nearly half a dollar inside of a week? and it takes over $30 to fill my tank? ooooooooo. if i didn't hate The Shrub before, i definitely think the Brain Trust has gone down the drain in the last few days. /sarcasm Skull & Bones, my ass.

mmprh. gah. *sigh* the good news is, we had a prospective tenant look here today, and i hope i didn't scare him off. ;)

*sigh* oh, boy howdy. it's nice to be at home, in comfortable sheets. :)

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