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Saturday, August 27, 2005

*humming to self* vacation... vacation... vacation... yay!

shelley, i think, noted the other day that she doesn't know anyone else who's used one of those ticker things for a vacation. mostly, they get used for babies or weddings.

i'm really excited for vacation. :) a solid week of nothing, with my two favorite guys. same cottage, same beach, same down time as last year.

laundry is done, clothes will be packed in the morning, food is ready to be packed, cat sitter has been arranged, bird feeders have been cleaned and filled, the gardens are watered, bills have been paid, Penny got an oil change and new wipers... dayum. maybe we should go on vacation more often. ;)

speaking of gardens, i had a chance to do what i think of as 'small gardening' yesterday. just mucking around, doing little things like get plants in the ground, do a little designing, mulch, weed, and admire. it's nicer than the bigger projects, which are never all that much fun, just the necessary bit to get to the fun stuff. so, the side, front and upper/lower gardens are all done (except for a small patch on the upper/lower), and i think that's it for the season. at this point, i'm leaving what i've come to think of as the ass end of the house (as in, every time i walk out back, i think, '*gawd*, this looks like ass!') for next season, altho i may take a whack at at least clearing out things this fall.

while there's still a huge pile of yard waste that needs to be cleaned, there's a lot more that's done in the driveway.

the lower garden now has the upper garden to keep it company

i'm most proud of the stone wall i built.

hey, all those Rocks We Like now have a purpose!

there was much excavation (with a plastic trowel, as the sound of metal on rock sets my teeth on edge), and it was kinda fun discovering where the natural ledge in the bedrock is. the bedrock pretty much told me where the wall was going to go. among the things i have learned lately: unless you can see where the rock ends, do not assume it will bear your weight. ;) i slid down the side of the bedrock after assuming that the cobblestone i was standing on was properly seated. yeahhhhh. anyway, now, the upper bed looks like this:

(i'll try to get a clearer shot of all the little plants; the sun wasn't really working with me on that one.)

of course, what pleases me most is the view from my kitchen window.

it's such a step up from the weed and shrub infested trash heap that used to be out there. i like looking out nearly all the windows now, and love wandering out onto the porches. with any luck, i'll get some snaps of the black-capped chickadees and Waddles the Squirrel next week.

after vacation. :)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

so. tired.

and achy, sore, bruised... meh. spent the afternoon tangling with the soon-to-be ex-shrub in the next garden patch to be tamed. kept chanting 'Archimedes, Archimedes, Archimedes' as i tried to lever it out, bit by bit. thankfully, the rocks were good for something, in providing leverage. hubby took a shot, as well - and broke the pitchfork.

in the end, the shrub won. i've left a small bit of it to regrow, and it should all be fine as long as i keep it pruned back, rather than letting it take over again.

much of the afternoon came down to this: the world was divided into Rocks We Like and Rocks We Don't Like. nasty chunks of concrete, we don't like. they're all piled up on the side of the driveway, next to LM's old bureau. lovely hunks of granite, we like. those i'll keep for edging, or building a bed around the top of the bedrock.

and i kept hearing snatches of REM's Gardening at Night running thru my head, because i went back out there after Little Man's karate lesson. honestly, i didn't want to lift another finger, or dig up another rock, or face the humongous pile of weeds/branches/old construction garbage that's growing in the driveway, but the garden was sooooo close to done that i couldn't leave it alone. 8:00 at night, out there in the dark, scrabbling around digging holes for plants, tossing mulch around...

and tomorrow will be like Christmas. i will come down to the kitchen, make a big mug of tea, wander over to the window and look out on my nice, new, nearly-all-mulched garden. and it will all be worth it.

i was so excited that i asked hubby to come outside with me - and a flashlight - to take a look. it's gone from this:

nasty pile of rocks and garbage

to this:

ooooo, pretty!

i'm hoping that the hyssop in the pot will come back, and if it does, that goes in the garden, too.

oh, and? monkeys with fezes are funny.

(yes, that is a hand and an eyeball under the upper edge of the towel. have i mentioned that life with hubby is never boring?)

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shopping with hubby is an interesting experience. ;)

this is not to say that i'm a good shopper, or one or the other of us has more patience/dedication/fortitude...

nah. it's all about the goal, baby. :) and with hubby being a vaudevillian style performer? the goal is... different.

so we're in Targè today, ostensibly looking for new bras for me (as i've let them all go to the point where i fear being pierced by a random bit of metal, free of its bondage), a lamp and a bedspread for Little Man... oh, this calls for a small segue. :)

we bought a bedroom set for LM recently, because his bureau was falling apart, literally. i couldn't stand looking at how falling apart things were, so hubby and i went out to get replacement furniture this past TaxFreeWeekend. they gave us some details on delivery, but i was hard pressed to hunt down the delivery 'window'. maybe, possibly, between 9 am and noon today... or maybe not, if you trust the 'delivery tracker' on the website. i set the alarm for 7, both of us woke up tired, and i said to hubby, 'whaddya think are the odds that they'll be here on the dot of 9?' no way. 'fine. i'm going back to sleep until 9, then.'

8:34, i hear air brakes. and horns. and much squidgilling. 'honey? do you hear a truck?'

i swear, that's the fastest we've both moved since the night the fire alarms went off (failing batteries, no harm, but much noise.) also? much entertainment for the kids in the daycare across the street; they were glued to the window, watching all the proceedings.

anywhoo... so, furniture delivered, worth the delivery charge (an idea reinforced when i battered my knuckles taking out the old furniture, and forgetting where the concrete wall jutted out), and Life will be Better.

back to shopping... my hubby is infinitely patient with my shopping excursions when i drag him along. he was a perfect saint when we spent nearly 3 hours in the bird store last weekend, trying to determine the optimal setup for feeders. and i try to return the favor when we both end up in a magic/prop store.

and then there are places like Targè. we're looking for different things (bras for me, wood glue and finish nails for him, never the twain shall meet), and then we meet up, because i want his opinion on a possible purchase for LM's room.

as we're walking down the aisle in the store, we both look, more or less simultaneously, to the left. 'ooooooo! monkeys! with fezes! on towels!' i've been around hubby enough to know that if you can find an item that has a monkey on it, he'll find a use for it. and if the monkey is wearing a fez? all the better. the woman ringing us up said, 'oh, gosh, these are cute!' yup. because monkeys with fezes are entertaining.

so we leave the store with undergarments for me, and props for hubby. and i think... most of us have milk, eggs, bread, coffee and dinner on the shopping list. but in our home... it's monkeys with fezes. and i wouldn't have it any other way. :)

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