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Saturday, August 6, 2005

so, in the wake of the house buying (and it does feel like the wake of a large boat passing by), i've done a few things around the house.

amazing to me, the difference between renting (even tho the landlord was a *peach* and would have been fine with any minor changes) and owning. there are all kinds of projects i want to do, some small (taking down some shelves), some midrange (redoing the landscaping) and some major (a few structural changes to the downstairs apartment, and redoing our kitchen counters). and it's all about committment. we're committed to staying in this place now, so it's okay to sink blood, sweat and tears into projects, because we'll be here to appreciate the results.

anyway, some of the really minor changes have been hanging up a few items, spackling up holes elsewhere, and buying a few rugs. nothing big (the living room rug comes later, when i figure out how to Scotchguard it against grapes and bananas), just a few little braided rugs. one went downstairs by the dryer, so i no longer feel badly about dropping the occasional sock on the cement floor. the first rug i got for that purpose, tho, ended up being repurposed. i had put it down in the kitchen, so i'd remember to bring it down cellar (go out the back of the kitchen, down the stairs). when i did that, i realized the colors worked really well in the kitchen, and wouldn't it be nice to have some cushion to stand on while doing dishes? of course, the cat instantly claimed it as his. ;)

after a few days, i realized that i'd really rather have the rug in front of the cart. we've got a free standing cart in the kitchen, which i've probably raved about before as one of the Best Purchases, Ever - three bins of storage, a drawer, and drop leaves so that work space can be adjusted to the need. it's where i do nearly all my cooking/baking prep. really, if i could find a way to wire it with an outlet, i'd do all the prep there. so i moved the rug over to my work space. and the cat followed.

he's developed an interesting habit of sitting there to express his opinions, on how very, very little we feed him.


Complain-a-cat sits on the Complain-a-mat,
And decides that something is wrong.

Complain-a-cat sits on the Complain-a-mat,
And yowls the whole night long.

the only thing missing, and *believe me*, it was due solely to the timing of the shot, is having his mouth open. ;)

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anyone else know that embranglement was a word?

neither did i. nor did i know that it meant a cacophony of out-of-sync bell ringers. amazing what you can learn listening to a game show. ;)

~*sigh*~ it was a challenging night tonight. Little Man decided that everything was going to suck. no matter what happened, what i said, how things went, he zeroed right in on the dark side. 'hey, you get to go to sports camp in another week!' (something he advocated strongly for, and which we got him into as soon as he hits the age requirement) *bitch moan complain* 'now i won't get to go on the field trip!' seems that the groups have been taking turns going to a local ice cream place. never mind that he got to walk the field at Fenway. never mind that he got to meet a giraffe and a platypus (different trip). never mind that we could easily go as a family to said local ice cream joint. no, the world was going to come to a crashing end because he was going to be denied this particular field trip. and so went the evening. some days, there's just no winning, or even drawing even.

so let's talk about my cat instead. :) i've put him on a new regimen lately, figuring that, at 15 going on 16, he could use a little help. he now gets kitty milk in the morning, free feeds on dry food that's a combination of one blend for indoor cats and another blend for sensitive systems, and gets a can of wet food at night, supplemented with vitamins that include glucosamine. man, the change has been amazing.

he was already happier in this place, because i'm here all the time, there's AC, and there are *two* adults to cater to his every mewl. (this sometimes results in two cans of food for dinner, if the adults don't communicate well.) and on the new regimen? he's gained back some weight, his coat looks brighter, his eyes look clearer, and he's moving much, much more easily. not so much with the *ploopy doop* going up and down the stairs (i swear, that's the noise he makes), and no more hesitating when jumping up on the couch.

makes me happy that he's happier. he looks younger and healthier, and gives me hope that he'll be around for a few more years. the bittersweet, of course, is wondering if i could have given stanzi a few more years with this same sort of regimen, but i try not to think about that, just enjoy hanging out with strat.

in other animal-type news, i'm excited to have discovered a bird supply store nearby, and am off to explore new and better types of bird feeders in a few days. part of cleaning out the front yard included setting up a feeder and a bath, and as i get into watching the little birdies, it's clear that the setup will need to be tailored. (i'll try to post pictures soon, of the birds and the yard.)

also, we're about to become hamster parents. well, i am, at least. Little Man has been advocating hard for a pet, one of his very own. the cat, as joint pet, doesn't meet his requirements. of course, that means that we have to want the pet, too, since LM is only 7 and only here half the week. so, dwarf hamster it is. and i'm pretty jazzed about it, much to my surprise. should be fun.

and now it's time for an attempt at sleep, which has not come easily or regularly lately. perhaps i should find more boring bedtime reading material. ;)

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