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Friday, July 8, 2005

fun, miscellaneous thing for today (as that's all my brain can handle):

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courtesy of katherine.

(i'm beyond exhausted, and didn't realize how stressful buying a house was, since it was really pretty low impact, as buying experiences go. i guess more than the stress, it's the relief of knowing we really, *really* don't have to move until we want to. it does ramp up the stress on the job search, but even there, we have a good window of time before the first payment, plenty of time for me to button up a job and find tenants for downstairs.

okay, this started as a parenthetical comment, but it's decided to evolve. ;) the mortgage guy we dealt with is a peach. for signing this pile of papers:

big, freakin' pile o' papers

we got this gift basket:

quite a lovely Italian themed basket of food goodies

quite a step up from the usual (as i hear) cheap bottle of champagne.)

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

well, there you have it.

as of about 2 and 1/2 hours ago, hubby and i are homeowners.

and not just any home, but the one we live in now.


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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

should i be concerned, do you think, that my hubby's business associates have names like Cheezo and Spunky the Clown?

(and no, i'm not making this up.)

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Monday, July 4, 2005

we had our Fourth of July today, and it was lovely.

technically, Little Man is with us for the 4th this year. but we had the chance to do some celebrating over the weekend, and this way, he can spend time with both families if he heads up to his mother's tomorrow. and hey, who wouldn't want two Fourth of Julys if it meant twice the fireworks? ;)

hubby took today off, and my two boys spent the morning laughing their asses off at Buster Keaton movies. i got to sleep in (yeah, right, 'i'll be down in a minute' - what was i thinking?), and wake up to the sound of peals of laughter on the monitor. then we packed up food, towels and toys, and spent the afternoon at the lake, splishing around, lazing, and sunning.

dinner was fantastic - have i mentioned how much i love my menu system? well worth the subscription. anyway - teriyaki chicken, Asian coleslaw, grilled bratwurst with Southwestern relish, rosemary potato salad, sautèed onions, and for dessert, confetti angel food cake with ice cream, sprinkles, and caramel butterscotch sauce.

and then we all trundled into the car to go to the fair. i found a local fair, with a few rides and some games, that was also doing fireworks. lemme tell you - i can't believe how nicely it worked out. quick drive up there, parking was a breeze (and free!), lines for the rides were short, LS got to get in a few different rides as well as a free tattoo and some cotton candy, and we walked over to the field just as the fireworks were starting and plunked ourselves in a front row spot. 15 minutes of things going *pssst* *boom!*, and then we scootled out of there and home.

all in all, quite a lovely holiday, and a welcome respite from the recent insanity (we hope to close on the house Tuesday, and if you've ever bought a house, you know far more than i do about how crazy it all gets in an insanely short time). if you're actually celebrating your Fourth on the 4th, enjoy!

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