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Sunday, June 26, 2005

as Little Man would say, 'today is America hot.'

(note: since he's now nearly up to my shoulder, i don't suppose he's really Little Small anymore, and i call him Little Man all the time.)

this came from the last hot spell we had a few weeks back. we were driving home, and i remarked that it was Africa hot. having blown the AC in my car last year and not replaced it yet (i got a little sidetracked), it's especially noticeable in the car.

and from the back seat comes... 'but this is America. why would you call it Africa hot?'

me: 'well, because there are a lot of deserts there, and it gets ... really hot.'
he: 'yeah, but there are deserts in lots of places.'
me: 'hm. you're right. Australia has a big desert. i wonder why nobody says Australia hot.'
he: 'it's just hot.'

telling Chica about this later that night, we decided it has to do with the cadence of the phrase Africa hot. she started throwing out options that sounded good, and made about as much sense, and came up with Malta Hot. personally, i think that sounds like a chocolate drink or a really weird cocktail. ;) but it does sound good. Malta hot.

and if there were any question about exactly what qualifies as Malta hot: i just ran an errand, and my keys, which were inside the air conditioned house, instantly became poker hot when i put them in the ignition. methinks that's just a touch too hot.

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