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Saturday, May 28, 2005

oh frabulous joy!

while the green scrumdilicious sheets met a well-earned demise, the *ivory* scrumdilicious sheets have not. i still plan to attempt mending the green ones, but the ivory ones are nearly as scrumfy. they were purchased at nearly the same time, so have been thru the washer nearly as much. and that buys me some time to work on the other flannel sheets.

i'm not sure what's more worrisome about that story: that i want to mend decade-old sheets, or that it's still appropriate to be using flannel sheets in *May*. ;)

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Friday, May 27, 2005

quick recap of the week:

weather: much sucknitude.
bully situation: variable, but possibly improving.
job hunt: creeping along, with breakthrus possible.
home: purchase options being explored.
marriage: fantastic.
exwife: still squicks me out, but behaving far better (in the relative scheme of exwives).
long weekend: to involve parades, long late breakfasts, and much work.
grilling: required. ;)

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Monday, May 23, 2005

interesting to me how each day has a cycle of its own, in terms of emotional temperature.

today started with exhaustion, scurrying, and a mixture of concern for Little Small (who is having a hard time with a bully at school, which experience colors his whole day) and happiness that we spent a lot of good time together this weekend, LS and me. we spent Saturday doing whatever he wanted (beware the schedule planned by a 6 year old), and Sunday tromping around the North End and visiting Paul Revere's house.

as my day progressed, tho, things felt harder. i had to drive downtown (mixed bag - The Dane let me drive, despite yesterday's Curb Incident, but i had to park in town), we had an intense session (again, mixed bag - good feedback, but still exhausting), and then Many Errands Were Run. (note to self: examine the need to Think in Initial Caps.) there just wasn't much of a break in there, and i get very squiggy about spending money lately, even if it's justified.

and then it got fugly. driving in the rain on a donut, with zippo traction? sucks big green donkey balls. then, i made a wrong turn, thinking about other things and not really paying attention; habit driving can come in handy, but also sends you to strange places sometimes. since i was headed by the grocery with the late-hours bank branch, i decided to deposit my disbursement check. oooohhhhhh.... what a very bad idea. the woman refused to cash it. *%#@!*& a short, panicked phone call later, i found that she was right (altho still ultimately unhelpful or sympathetic), and Chef squared it all away.

while i was waiting to hear back, tho, i dropped my car off to get the flat repaired. so, for a while, i was wandering thru the rain, to the mall (bleagh), not sure if the rim could be saved, not knowing if i'd have to spend tomorrow at the mechanic's, and thinking that i had zero dinero, despite my best efforts. if the day didn't already look grey because of the weather, that all pretty much sealed it.

fortunately, life does get better, and does send you what you need if you're open to the possibilities. i found a great deck of grilling recipe cards for cheap (i do still want the veggie crock pot recipe book, but this is a good substitute for now), treated myself to two Lindt truffles (mmmmm.... hazelnut, and raspberry), got a second pair of more suit-appropriate shoes at a steal (35% of the original price, which was staggering - i love a bargain), came back to the car to find a new tire and all of them rotated (plus the hubcap back on, and the donut in the trunk, despite all my crap in the trunk - thanks, guys!), and chatted with Chef for a while - and she rocks, long and hard, for doing what had to be done to get a new, valid check sent overnight.

plus, i got to talk to a bunch of people tonight, and spend some time with my hubby. so, roller coaster which ended up on the positive.

makes me have a lot more sympathy for LS, for sure. at nearly 7, he still lives very much in the moment (appropriately enough), and the entire emotional tenor of his day is determined by the last 5 minutes. it's hard enough for grown ups to be able to see past the moment and know that there are ups and downs, and there's a chance of things improving. when your whole day revolves around whether you get to wear your favorite shorts, or if you get grapes for your snack? whoofdy. so, i'm working on processing how the day feels for me, and scaling it to how it looks for him, and trying to be more in *his* moment when i'm with him.

so, how was your day? what were your high/low points? and did you jump in any puddles today?

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Sunday, May 22, 2005


i just took a corner too tight, and blew out my front tire. and i had a donut spare, but no jack.

thank god for Triple A, who sent a guy over inside of 15 minutes. made the last three years of membership all worthwhile. and a copious amount of sushi and miso helped calm my nerves.

now for a viewing of The Contender, and some zone time. tomorrow, a trip to Sears to replace the tire and get them all rotated.

not exactly how i was planning on spending my Monday, that's for sure.

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