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Friday, March 18, 2005

y'know, the "utility situation" gets even better.

i've been loaded for bear all day, figuring out how to say to the functionary to whom i speak (who most certainly isn't to be blamed for corporate policy, but who should give me an explanation) that before appointments are made, there needs to be a discussion as to how contacting customers and threatening to arrest them doesn't do much for community good will, and how the hell were they contacting me, anyway? by carrier pigeon?

then hubby points out that they are contacting me about a *cancelled account in a place i no longer live*. yep. that's right, people. they are harassing me about an account i no longer have, for which i owe no money, in a building i neither own nor have access to, and telling me that it's all my problem that they haven't been able to get in touch with me. (the whole 'wilful violation of the law' statement threw me enough to miss that salient detail.)

well, if they've been calling, did nobody notice that the phone number was... oh, i dunno... DISCONNECTED??? and clearly they've found my new address, so it's not as if they couldn't have sent me a letter, perhaps even (gasp) a polite letter.

i've left a voice mail for the woman whose number was in the letter, pointing out much of the above in fairly civil terms, and asking her what, precisely, it was she expected to get from me. i'll be curious to hear her response, if she even bothers to call.

ye gods and little fishes, as john would say.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

it's a cold, hard day, people, and i am not feeling the love.

no, i am not feeling the love one bit. what i am feeling is a whole lotta hate coming my way from the electric utility.

"they" say, in their official notification, that i may be subject to arrest (hah!) for not playing nicely, that they have been trying to get in touch with me for *ages* - ages, people! - and that i'm simply not responding! it's not the bill; oh, no, they've been getting their money, for sure, and that's all fair and square. rather, i have been deliberately *obstructing* their official (because they have badges, so they must be official, right?) inspectors.

this is the very first i've heard of any of this, that's for sure. one or the other of us is home during the day, so if Official Badge Man came to the door, we'd answer it. one or the other of us picks up the mail every damn day, and there's been nary a note from El Electrico. and if they've been calling? well, they certainly haven't identified themselves (we don't answer unidentified calls), and if the anonymous pricktards who call from Mississippi every damn night in the middle of dinner are the utility company, then all i have to say is this: whose damn fault is it that you're too stupid to leave a message? the voice mail isn't broken. communication works both ways, fuckers, and if you choose not to leave me a message, don't threaten to arrest me because i'm not channelling John Edwards and getting all psychic on your ass - 'oh, wait! i have a sense that the utility company wants to talk to me! let me give them a random call!'.

oh, i'll call them tomorrow, alright. and i will violate every rule of polite conversation. and i won't feel bad about it. someone will need to explain to me how, exactly, it is the company has been "trying" to reach me, and who deemed it necessary to *threaten* me, when a polite message would have gone much, much further. if you start the negotiation with me by promising to interfere with my personal safety? you bet your ass i'll call you, and i won't take prisoners, either.

fuckers. no, i am not doing so well with the sweetness and light tonight. ;)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

the quiet comes from deep introspection, interspersed with intense bouts of activity.

i said to my mom the other day that i've missed a few key dates because i have my head up my ass, and that's not too far off the mark. i'm definitely turned inwards these days, often to the exclusion of all else. (navel gazing from the inside out?) not a healthy state to be in permanently, but one that's very productive for me at the moment. it's been an overwhelmingly emotional and, ultimately, liberating ride so far.

i'm getting excited, too, because it feels as if Big Things are percolating, juuuuuust beneath my ability to put a finger on them, or articulate them - but that i'll be able to do both, soon. there's a lot of change, and stretching, and discovery, and my sense is that it's all coalescing. into...what? i'm not sure yet. and that's okay. i'm really very okay with that, which is another new place for me to be. very exciting, scary, and thrilling.

little signs, like crocus peeping out, hint that i'm on the right path: i got a personal note tonight, from the author whose book i'll be teaching soon. and he gave me his personal blessing. eeeeeeee!! he's a big name, one that you'd all know, one whom i'm sure gets mountains of correspondence in every which format. and he took the time to write. not only write, but give me his blessing.

i can't tell you how fantastic that feels. more fantastic, i think, will be passing that along to the class, because it's for them, too.

i can't wait for Spring. :)

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